Best Folding Bike under 200

The 5 Best Folding Bike under 200

Finding the best folding under $200 can be tricky. This is because there are very many folding bikes that come in varying sizes and shapes. Also, finding a bike that you can purchase without breaking the bank is not easy. You do not have to worry though. We will take you through some of the budget-friendly and the best folding bikes under $ 200.

This review will provide you with details of every folding bike from the consumer point of view. Let’s go through them together.

Stowabike 26″ MTB V2 Folding Dual Suspension 18 Speed Shimano Gears Mountain Bike White

26 inch is a high-quality bike whose frame is made from steel. This makes it durable hence can be in use for a long period of time. It comes with front and rear derailleur hence safe especially when changing speed when the rider needs to. You will love its high speed and dual suspension which gives you a comfortable ride. Also, it is easy to fold as it happens within seconds.

  • High-quality tires
  • Durable
  • Comes with front and rear derailleur for safety purposes when riding
  • High speed
  • Cheap
  • Dual suspension for a comfortable ride

  • Difficult to fold hand and handlebars


XSPEC 20- Inch Speed Urban Commuter Black Folding Bicycle

XSPEC is the most affordable, high-quality folding bike you come across.  It comes with a 7-speed gear system. This makes it a great choice for bikers who would love to use the bike in urban areas. You will love the gear’s versatility, the ability to fold and unfold it within seconds, as well as, its compatibility.

XSPEC’s frame is made from an aluminum alloy which is durable and light in weight. Also, it comes with a carrier, fenders a Shimano gear system. Lastly, the bike has rear and front brakes. Its strength lies in its price and ability to assemble it without tools. The downside is that they are sold when unassembled.

  • It can be completely folded
  • Its lightweight, small and compact
  • High speed
  • It is affordable

  • It is not pre-assembled


Goplus 20 Inch Folding Bike

Goplus 20-inch folding bike comes with a 7-speed shifting handle. Also, it has a rear derailleur which enables the rider to swiftly change the speed when need be. The outer part of this bike is made from iron thus durable. Goplus Folding bike has front and rear V breaks hence safe and reliable for use even by beginners. Its saddles are also so comfortable giving the user a great experience as they ride.

The best thing about this bike is the ability to adjust the height of its seats as well as the handlebar. This will help in ensuring that it meets the needs of different people. Also, the pedal has BS reflectors which enable the biker to ride safely at night. Lastly, the tires are of high quality and are non-slip hence safe even on rainy seasons.

  • Ability to adjust the height and handlebars of the seat
  • High-quality tires
  • Comes with BS reflectors
  • Easy to fold

  • It comes unassembled


VILANO Urbana Single Speed Folding Bike

Any commuter needs VILANO Urban folding bike. It is light in weight and requires little or no maintenance. The saddles are also very comfortable which gives you an amazing experience as you ride. It comes with a rack and water bottle mount too. Its frame is made from aluminum thus durable.  The best thing about VILANO is that it comes assembled so you will not struggle with it. Also, it is easy to fold and store.

  • Durable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to fold and store
  • It is light in weight
  • Requires little or no maintenance

  • The seats tend to crack easily


Schwinn Wayfarer Adult Bike Hybrid Retro-Styled Cruiser, 18-Inch/Medium Steel Step-Over Frame

Schwinn Wayfarer Adult Bike Hybrid Retro-Styled Cruiser is perfect for urban riding. It comes with 6-speed gearing and is of the lightweight. Anyone who loves stylish bikes needs to go for this bike. It gives the rider comfort as a result of the comfortable saddles. The best thing is that it has low resistant tires which are of great quality. The bike also comes with handy rear pannier which is of great purpose when storing. For comfort and style, you definitely need to go for this bike!

  • Easy to store
  • Stylish
  • Budget-friendly
  • Low resistant tires
  • Made from high-quality material

  • It is not sturdy enough

Buyers Guide:  Factors to consider when purchasing the Best Folding bike under $ 200

Folding bikes are the most compact and convenient rides you will ever come across thanks to technology and innovation.  This has been of help in giving riders viable options. However, you have to consider various options before settling for a specific folding bike which includes:

Needs: Is the folding bike for leisure or fitness? Is the bike for commuting purposes? It is important to ensure that you know your needs before settling for a specific folding bike.

Quality: You need to ensure that you go for a folding bike made from high-quality materials to ensure durability. All the bikes we have reviewed are of great quality. You only need to pick one that suits your needs.

Cost: Anyone working with a budget needs to go through the prices of different bikes. This will give them a clue on the bike that will fit their budget.

Final Thought

Folding bikes are the best and most sought after in the market. They fit different lifestyles and are of benefit to people in their own different ways.  The top benefit is definitely their portability and ability to store them in areas where they are being used or when the user is transporting them. However, most people think that these bikes are costly. We, therefore, hope that the above list is an eye-opener as far as the quality and costs are involved. Take your time and we are sure you will identify the best folding bike under $ 200 which will suit your needs.

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