Best 30 Gallon Air Compressor

Best  Gallon Air Compressor

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Purchasing the best Gallon air compressor may be a hard task. You have to go through many of them on the internet before you can identify one that will suit your needs. You need to consider factors such as the size of the tank, type of pump and also the voltage. There are other buyers who may want a vertical one as compared to a horizontal one which mostly depends on their needs. The color of the air compressor is also another factor to consider for visibility purposes.  We have reviewed some of the best 30 air gallon air compressors in the market. Take time to go through them and identify one that will suit your needs.

Below is a list of the best 30-gallon air compressors you can choose from;

DEWALT DXCMH1393075 Two-Stage Industrial Air Compressor

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Anyone looking for a 30-gallon air compressor that is reliable and innovative should go for DEWALT DXCMH1393075.  It may be large and also bulky but you will be sure to get the same amount of power. Also, it is durable. This is because it is made from long-lasting materials. Most people use it for heavy constructions as a result of its efficiency.

With a horizontal design, it carries a large engine. The equipment is normally carried at the back. Another great thing about this air compressor is that it comes with a patented pump. The engine is, therefore, able to cool itself when in use. Also, it comes with a Solberg air filter which is of great help when it comes to filtration.  It also dampens the sound hence little or no noise.  This is the most reliable air compressor that you will come across.


  • Comes with a patented pump design hence cool operation
  • Has a high power output making pneumatic tools easy to use
  • Comes with Solberg air which dampens the sound and great filtration and in return efficiency


  • It is expensive

Industrial Air ILA1883054 – Gallon Belt Driven Air Compressor

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Are you looking for a sturdy and efficient 30-gallon air compressor? You are in the right place. This 30-gallon air compressor is made using long-lasting cast iron. It also comes with twin cylinders. Its pump portable and can be moved from one place to another with ease. The pump is also an oil-lubricated.

This a 30-gallon air compressor comes with a design that is easy to store. It occupies little space. Its black tone acts as a good background. It is unlike bright colors distracts you when working.  It acts as a regulator that compresses the air around you efficiently.

Also, it comes with a dual voltage making it compatible with applications with 120 and 240 volts. The best thing about this 30-gallon air compressor is its ability to power up to 2 air tools. You will experience great reliability when working with this air compressor.


  • Comes with a compact Vertical design
  • It is durable
  • Easy to use


  • It is noisy

Campbell Hausfeld VT6271

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Campbell Hausfeld is a horizontal air compressor that is loved for its single-stage air compressing.  It comes with a strong engine that provides powerful air to the pneumatic tools.  It is made from long-lasting materials hence durable. The best thing about this air compressor is that it is stable and efficient.

From its horizontal design, it has the ability to carry a large engine that is placed on its top. It may be bulky to look at but it is comparative to the power it provides. The wheels are large and air-powered which makes it portable. It also comes with an ASME tank which stores a lot of air. If you were to compare its delivery with its price, then it delivers more. The most unique feature is its ability to power high rated pneumatic tools.


  • Its power output is strong
  • It is reliable
  • It’s quiet when in use


  • Comes with a plastic casing which is not durable


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DEWALT is a 30-gallon air compressor that is preferred by many because of the safety it offers them. It comes with overload protection which is electrical in nature. This air compressor is also sturdy and durable as it is made from high-quality materials. It enables you to work on light constructions around your home.

DEWALT is a 30-gallon air compressor that is easy to identify as it comes in Yellow and black color. You will easily spot it even when it is among the other air compressors. Best of all, it powers heavy-duty tools without any challenges.


  • Sturdy and durable
  • It’s safe to use
  • Comes in yellow and black colors hence easy to identify
  • Has an ability to power heavy tools
  • Highly powered as compared to the others


  • The wheel design makes it lean hence may need support

Ingersoll- Rand

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This is yet another reliable 30-gallon air compressor. It is best for people who love DIY constructions. The fact that it is portable enables the user to move it around with ease. Being a horizontal air compressor, it is able to carry a powerful tank together with the engine which is placed on its top.

It comes in black and white so users can easily trace it. This air compressor is portable despite being bulky. It is therefore easy to use it as it functions really well too. The best thing about it is that it is convenient and does not remit too much noise. Also, it works continually hence does not disrupt construction work.


  • It comes with an ergonomic handle
  • Works continuously hence no disruption of the construction work
  • Its wheels ensure easy portability
  • Works with little or no noise


  • It is bulky

Northstar Portable Gas Powered Air Compressor

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Northstar is a powerful 30-gallon air compressor which is also bulky. Most people prefer it because of its ability to power tools that are highly powered. It has the ability to handle construction work that requires compressing air. This air compressor is reliable as well as portable. Most people go for it because of its multi-functionality.

As a result of being horizontal, it is able to carry a large engine. This enables us to carry out different functions efficiently. The best thing about it is that it belts out lots of power in a continuous cycle. It makes construction work easy as a result of the high rates of power.


  • The continuous duty cycle helps in continuous construction
  • Powers heavy tools
  • Reliable and portable
  • Carries large engines as a result of its horizontal design
  • Makes construction work easy


  • It more expensive than other air compressors

Powermate Vx PLA1683066

Powermate is popular for its sufficient air, efficiency and reliable performance. It is an air compressor that handles typical wrenches and some entertainment tools. Also, it handles inflate tires in an efficient manner. It features an induction motor that is heavy-duty as well as a dual volt machine. This helps in making it efficient since it can work with a 120V or 240 outlets.

The pump is oil-lubricated hence durable. It has a belt performance which increases its performance and operation. It does not emit much noise as it runs. Also, it is made using a cast iron which lasts long. The best thing about it is that it comes when it is fully assembled. It will not give you a headache when trying to put parts together. This Air compressor is easy to transport as a result of its lightness.


  • Reliable and efficient performance
  • Made from cast iron which is durable
  • Its pump is well lubricated and durable
  • The belt performance is efficient and greatly increase its performance
  • Does not emit much noise


  • Some people find it too small

Industrial Air ILA 1683066

Industrial air is one air compressor that the workshop owner should have. It comes in as affordable yet it is made from a high-quality construction which is durable. It also comes with motors that are high performing making it a top-rated air compressor. Its pump is also equally strong and oil-lubricated hence durable. Its pump also runs without much noise.

This air compressor comes when it is fully assembled. You do not have to go through the stress of putting different parts together. You will love it for its high performance. Another great feature is the quick set regulator together with a pressure gauge and an on and off switch.


  • Comes when it is fully assembled
  • It has a dual voltage induction motor
  • It is a high performer
  • The pump is durable
  • It is compact and compatible


  • It is good for home use so not suitable for heavy kinds of construction


For you to identify the best 30-gallon air compressor, you have to go through the ones we have reviewed. Compare them with the features you have in mind until you identify one that will suit your needs. Ask yourself some questions about the air compressors. Would you want one that saves you space? Is it a horizontal or vertical one? Where do you intend to use it? Indoors or outdoors? Should the air compressor you need to be powerful?

The answer to these questions will lead you to the right air compressor. They will make it easy for you to identify an air compressor that will suit your needs. You will also be able to go for one that has all the features you may be looking for. It is therefore important for you to take your time to go through all the available 30-gallon air compressors and sure enough, you will be able to purchase a perfect one.

Buyers Guide: Things to Consider when Purchasing a 30 – Gallon Air Compressor

After going through our reviews, we are sure that you already have an idea of the best 30-gallon air compressor that will suit your needs.  However, there are many factors to consider before purchasing the best 30-gallon air compressor. You only need to go through this buyer’s guide and you will get an insight on the one to go for.

●       Air Tank Size

The size of the air tank determines how high the PSIs will be.  It would be better to go to a bigger tank. It will be easier to drive nails in a heavy-duty material when you have an air compressor with a large tank. This is because the large nails are air intensive. You should not worry about the tank heaviness since in return it does a perfect job.

●       Rate of Refill

We all want to work without stopping to wait for the air compressor to pressurize its tank. It is therefore important to check on the refilling rate.  It would be good to go for an air compressor that stays for a long time without stopping after one refill.

●       Size of Air Compressor

Knowing the size of the compressor will be of help to you especially because of the available storage space. Also, its size will determine the means of transport to be used when transporting it. A vertical air compressor will save you space but not a horizontal one.  You, therefore, need to purchase an air compressor in relation to the available space.

●       Where you will work from

The type of air compressor you purchase should depend on whether you will use it inside a house or outside. When working outside, it would be ideal to go for a portable air compressor.  Also, go for an air compressor that is gas-powered. When working from inside, you would need an electric air compressor.

The Capacity of the Pneumatic Tools

You realize that there are tools that require more power than others. This depends on how intense the work they intend to do is. It is therefore important to ensure that the air compressor you go for has an ability to the power in your tools. This will ensure that it works continuously.

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