Best Gardening Stools for Seniors

Best Gardening Stools for seniors

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Could you be looking for the best gardening stools for the seniors? We got your back. We are aware that shopping for a comfortable gardening stool for seniors is a tricky affair.  Seniors need to experience comfort even as they undertake their gardening activities. We have therefore compiled a list of the gardening stools for seniors with the best reviews from previous buyers as well as users. You will only need to go through each one of them and identify the one that is most suitable for your elderly kin.

Top Gardening Stools for seniors

Gorilla Carts

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Gorilla cart is a seat whose height you can adjust to the level of your comfort. It comes with sturdy handles that give you comfort as you work. In addition, it comes with tool holders as well as a bucket holder. You can, therefore, store your tools there to ensure that you easily reach them when gardening.

Another great thing about this gardening stool is that it is made from heavy-duty materials which are also rust-resistant.  This means that it is also durable hence can be used for a long period without replacement. Its handles are also smooth which helps the elderly to sit and stand effortlessly.


  • Its height is adjustable which gives you comfort
  • Comes with tool holders
  • The handle is smooth hence the elderly sit and stands effortlessly
  • It’s made from heavy-duty steel which is rust-resistant


  • It’s not suitable for people who weigh 250lbs and more

Best Choice Products Foldable Garden Kneeler and Seat

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Anyone who is looking for quality and would not mind spending a little more dollars should consider this gardening stool for the elderly. It comes with a stable axis made from steel hence durable. Its polypropylene trays are big enough to store all your gardening tools. You will be able to access them from either side at ease.

As a plus, its seat is adjustable. This means that you can adjust it to your height.  Also, anyone weighing up to 300 lbs can use this gardening stool. Most people prefer it because of this. With its 10 inches wheels, it makes one’s mobility easy especially on grass and also gravel. The best thing about it is that its handle is rust and water-resistant too.  This is because it is covered with a powder coating that is resistant to all kinds of weather.


  • Comes with 10-inch wheels hence can roll over on any type of surfaces
  • It has a utility basket where you can keep gardening tools
  • Its steel frame is powder-coated
  • Its finish is coated with a rust-resistant green powder hence used in different types of weather


  • It may be difficult to assemble

Step2 Garden Hopper

This fancy gardening stool should definitely make it to your list.  The mobile work seat and the tools storage space are some of the features that make it stand out from the rest. The elderly will be able to access the tools or water bottles with ease from the storage space as they work.

The large seating area is a plus as it gives the seniors great comfort as they carry out different gardening tasks. They will not experience any kind of pressure on their knees. Another great feature is the mold in seat handles. They make it easy for you to transport gardening stool from one place to another.

To make mobility more efficient especially when working in areas covered with grass, it comes with 7- inch rolling wheels. It also features a beverage holder. It is a product that is extra sturdy since it is made with a double wall. This means that you will be able to use it for a long period of time without replacing it. The great thing about it is that it comes when assembled. You can, therefore, start using it immediately it arrives home.


  • It is light in weight hence easy to move around with it
  • Comes with a molded-in seat
  • It has 7 – inch wheels
  • Sturdy double-wall hence durable
  • Practical beverage holder
  • Its normally assembled so you do not have to struggle to put the parts together
  • Comes with a storage bin that is big enough


  • It’s not suitable for people weighing more than 250 pounds
  • The seats are made from tough plastic so cannot be used for long hours



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Vertex is a gardening stool that comes with a fancy design. It’s rocking base is contoured and it’s height adjustable. This makes it easy for the seniors to adjust it to a level that is comfortable for them.

It is a versatile stool hence can be used as a kneeler. Seniors weighing up to 220bl can use it without experiencing any challenges.


  • It has a fancy look
  • It comes with a rocking base is contoured
  • It is height adjustable
  • Its versatile hence can be used as a kneeler
  • Anyone weighing 220 lbs can use it
  • Its design is versatile hence used when one is performing different activities


  • It has a tendency to easily tipping off
  • The top of the stool is a bit slippery


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Another great garden stool for the elderly that may interest you is Finnhomy. It comes in a design that is perfect for people who need it for home gardening. It comes with a torte bag and a seat made from stainless steel making it sturdy. It also comes with gloves with a nitrile coating together with some kneeling pads.

The best thing about this model is that its seat is made from heavy metal. The seats are made from canvas material which makes it sturdy. For anyone worrying about safety, this gardening stool comes with a safety strap that is fixed at the bottom. It is foldable hence easy storage. The stool has different compartments where one can keep their essentials.  The bag is also detachable. This means that you can detach and wash it every often and use it for other things.


  • Its design is foldable
  • Made using heavy-duty metals hence sturdy
  • Comes with a canvas seat making it comfy
  • Its compartments are spacious
  • Its tool bag can be used for multiple different purposes
  • The bag is detachable from the chair so can be used for other things


  • Can only be used by people weighing 220 lbs or less

Gardener’s Supply Company Extra Wide Seat

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This stool is most suitable for seniors who experience difficulty in waking up after bending or kneeling. This is because it comes with kneeling pads that are extra-large.  The manufacturer made sure that its kneeling pads are wide and strong. It is also thick and comfortable.  On each side of the handles, there are sturdy cushions.

Anyone suffering from knees and back problems will find comfort in this type of stool. It is able to support all seniors weighing 250lbs and below. If you are looking for comfort in a gardening stool, then the gardener’s supply company extra-wide seat is the stool to go for.


  • Can hold people weighing 250lbs
  • It is foldable
  • The kneeler pad is


  • It is not meant for people whose mobility issues are severe


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Seniors who would want to have a great time in the garden should consider going for Suncast gardening stools for seniors. This is because it comes in a variety of designs that you can choose from. It comes with wheels that are large and smooth hence it can move on all kinds of terrain. The seniors can, therefore, conduct their gardening activities on any terrain as long as they have a Suncast stool.

In addition, the stool comes with drink holders and a storage area where you can keep your gardening tools and water. Also, it comes with a basket that is removable. You can, therefore, remove it and put it at your desired place.

The best thing about this stool is that it is easy to transport it. This is because it is made using some plastics that are light in weight. The pull strap on its side gives the ability to pull it to your desired position. It has a great height hence can suit any gardener. It is also easy to assemble. These features make it the best and most preferred gardening stool for the elderly.


  • Its storage space is big enough for all gardening tools
  • It has a perfect height
  • Comes with 2 cup holders
  • Has a pull trap
  • It’s comfortable
  • Perfect for all types of terrains


  • Plastic may be a bit flimsy
  • Its cup holders may not be big enough


Gardening is the best outdoor activity for seniors.  They spend most of their time gardening hence the need to ensure that their gardening stools are easy to use. You will find that most senior’s mobility is limited. This is because of the pressure they experience on their knees which may be a result of health issues. They may be having joint or muscle pains. They may not be able to therefore sit, stand or bend as they work.

Gardening stools for seniors will, therefore, give them comfort as they sit and get up. The best thing about them is that they come with storage bags and some with trays making them convenient for use by seniors. The seniors can use the spaces to store their gardening tools and water bottles.

There are many gardening stools for seniors in the market to choose from. We have listed the 7 best gardening tools for seniors so you can go through them and choose one that suits your needs. We hope that you will find the best one from the list.

Buyers Guide

When going to the market to purchase gardening tools for seniors, there are things that you need to arm yourself with. This will enable you to be able to purchase the best gardening tools in the market which will in return suit your needs. Most seniors have knee problems and also pain on their joints or muscles. It is therefore important to ensure that you go for gardening stools that will suit their needs since gardening is a difficult task which would require them to be comfortable. Take your time to think about the following things before you purchase a gardening stool.

•        Comfort

Comfort is vital for any senior who loves gardening. This is because their stamina is low. Their muscles are also not strong enough to withstand any kind of pressure. They will, therefore, get tired quickly. It is therefore important to ensure that the gardening stool you go for is comfortable. Ensure that it has a compartment where they can store their tools within reach. Better still, go for seats with drink holders. The seniors will need to keep themselves dehydrated as they work in the garden.

•        Features

It is important to ensure that you go for gardening stools with multiple features. The best ones are those that come with storage space for tools, drink holders and even trays.  As a plus, go for seats that are foldable since they are easy to store. The more the features, the more efficient it is.

•        Material

Gardening stools come in a variety of materials.  The most recommended one is polyethylene material. This is because it is said to be long-lasting hence can be used for years without replacing them. Also, ensure that it is made from light materials in order for the seniors to be able to move from one place to another with ease. Bulky gardening stools will only make their work difficult.

•        Types

There are different types of gardening stools in the market. Some have wheels while some do not have them. There are also those that act as kneelers since seniors kneel on them as they perform various tasks in the garden. Before purchasing either of them, you need to ensure that you know your needs. This is because different people need different types of gardening stools depending on their needs.

•        Capacity

It is important that you consider your capacity as you purchase a gardening tool. This is because different seniors are of different weight. You should, therefore, go for a gardening stool that can hold your weight. It is advisable to go for a gardening stool that holds 230lb weight. Most seniors weigh above 200lbs. A gardening stool of the right capacity will give the senior a good time as they work.

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