Best Log Splitter

Best Log Splitter

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Traditionally, splitting logs into manageable pieces ideal for use as firewood required on to use an axe and metal kindling. However, today modern electric and gas log splitter provide versatility and convenience of splitting logs into firewood.

But how can one find the best log splitter from the market? This is the question most firewood uses with no splitters ponder with. Luckily, we have done thorough research to bring you the best log splitters in the market and how you can pick one for your needs.


Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter

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If you’re tired of splitting logs manually at your backyard and now you want the best log splitter in the market, Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric log splitter will serve you right. It is a top-rated electric log splitter that delivers unparalleled quality and performance with its high-end features.

It comes with a 2 HP electric motor that delivers 7 tonnes of splitting force. It can effectively tackle large projects without any worry. Without the harmful emissions like those that come from a gas-powered unit, this splitter offers you the convenience to split your logs inside the comfort of your home.

It also features built-in side rails that maintain the log in position during splitting while the front handle enables easy maneuvering. With its patented hydraulic system and one-handed operation, the Boss Industrial electric log splitter stands out to be the best splitter you can get for your log splitting.


  • Features high-quality performance
  • Well-built for long-lasting
  • Easy to operate
  • Affordable price


  • High power consumption

Champion 25-Ton Horizontal/Vertical Full Beams Gas Log Splitter

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If you are looking for a log splitter to split your huge logs into small pieces to use as firewood, the Champion 25-Ton Horizontal/Vertical Full Beams Gas Log Splitter is your perfect pick. It is designed to handle heavy-duty splitting or for industrial applications.

This is one of the best gas-powered log splitters you can find in the market and it delivers impressive performance at a relatively affordable price. It is fitted with a 224cc engine that powers through the toughest logs without a hassle. Moreover, the 12-second cycle time, as well as the auto-return valve, significantly reduces your work time.

It has handy log catchers that offer easy adjustment from horizontal to vertical to save your back. It is designed with cast iron sleeve for durability even when working under tough conditions.


  • Large capacity
  • Low cycle time
  • Powerful for excellent performance
  • Both horizontal and vertical operation
  • It is towable


  • It is expensive
  • Not ideal for home use

Powerhorse 3-Pt. Horizontal/Vertical Log Splitter – 22 Tons

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If you are looking for a logger that guarantees to get the job done right and quickly without over-exerting to do it, the Powerhorse 3-Pt. log splitter will provide you’re the perfect solution. It comes with a perfect combination of practicality and performance that you need when splitting your logs.

It comes with a versatile splitting two-way wedge that splits your log into two pieces effortlessly. If you want to split your log into 4 pieces the patent-pending 4-way wedge will do the magic.

It comes with dual log cradles that catch the splitting wood into position while the spinner rotates to split the logs. It has a longer table length that can accommodate logs up to 26 inches in length. The oversized hydraulic components offer a short cycle times. It is fitted with a beam handle to provide an easy transition from horizontal to a vertical position.


  • Patented Pending 4-Way Wedge
  • Powered by Stratton and Briggs Engine
  • Longer table length
  • Durable


  • May leak fluid at the handle control body and line that enters the cylinder

WEN 56207 6.5-Ton Electric Log Splitter

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This log splitter from WEN is ideally designed for those who prefer splitting their logs while on a standing position. It comes with a 34-inch mounting stand that provides you with the chance to save your lower back from aching due to frequent bending and standing.

It is fitted with a powerful 15 amp motor that generates 13000 pounds of log splitting force. When combined with the 20-second cycle time, you will split over 120 logs in an hour. It is spacious enough to take on up to 20.5-inches in length and 10-inches wide log. The side cradles will prevent the log from rolling away during the splitting process.

This is an easy to use log splitter that requires no maintenance. If you are looking for a versatile and high performing log splitter, this is your best pick.


  • Powerful with a 15-amp motor
  • Easy to use
  • Flexible with a mounting stand
  • It is portable


  • Requires two-hand operation

Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SELS60 6-Ton Electric Log Splitter

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The Southland Outdoor 6-Ton Electric Log Splitter comes with a powerful 1.7HP and 15 amp induction motor to effortlessly split your logs even under demanding situations. It features an integrated stroke limiter to reduce cycle times for shorter logs.

It comes with 7-In wheels at the rear and rubberized handles at the front making it easy to move it around with little effort. Moreover, it features a streamlined and compact body for easy storage in your garage or shed. Moreover, the vertical storage option also allows for less space to be taken in your garage.

It comes with a heavy-duty 5-In steel wedge that splits logs faster and easily. It offers a great budget option that allows you to tackle thicker logs stress-free for longer.


  • Easy to store and transport
  • Reasonably priced
  • 15Amp induction motor for ultimate performance
  • Integrated stroke limiter for adjusting to a shorter stroke


  • Shuts off at the highest pressure

Champion 7-Ton Compact Horizontal Gas Log Splitter with Auto Return

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This Champion 7-Ton Compact Horizontal Gas Log Splitter with Auto Return comes with an 80cc engine that easily powers through the logs of up to 19 inches in length. The integrated log cradle and low profile allow easy and quick loading.

It features a 20-second cycle time and auto-return valve that significantly lessens your work time while the skewed wedge provides efficiency in splitting your logs. The hydraulic system delivers enough power to seamlessly split the logs into the desired pieces.

It is designed with all durable materials to offer years of service. With the convenient handle, the two never-flat tires and its compact design, you can easily move it from one job to another.


  • It is durable for longer service
  • It is portable
  • Integrated log cradle
  • Easy to use


  • Might break down soon than expected

Sun Joe LJ10M 10-Ton Hydraulic Log Splitter

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If you are looking for a budget-friendly log splitter for use at your home, Sun Joe LJ10M Log Splitter will offer you the convenience to cut your logs in peace. It is a powerful hydraulic ram that builds up to 10-ton of driving force to split logs of up to 18-In and 8-In wide.

This log splitter from Sun Joe is hand-operated to quickly generate high power to split even heavier and longer logs stress-free. It is crafted from a durable steel construction for a reliable performance and power year after year. With a RAM return spring, you will have quick resets for quicker log splitting.


  • Durable with steel frame construction
  • Powerful hydraulic force for ultimate performance
  • Splits large capacity logs
  • Easy to use


  • It is a bit heavy for transportation

WEN 56206 6-Ton Electric Log Splitter

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This is ideally made for those who want an affordable electric log splitter for use at their backyard. This logger can split logs of up to 10 inches wide and 20.5 inches long. It is powered by a 1500W motor while the 3000 psi hydraulic system generates up to 12000 pounds of force for easy splitting of logs. The motor is a 2 HP copper-wound that uses household current at your convenience.

Its operation requires two hands thus keeping hands off the ram. Since it is an electric log splitter, you can comfortably use it in both indoor and outdoor splitting of your logs. It comes with a built-in log cradle to keep the logs in line for an even splitting.

It is portable with two rubberized handles for comfortable and strong grip and the six-inch tires provide an easy rolling to and from the store. It is backed with a 2–year warranty.


  • Durable body construction
  • Great power yet economical
  • Backed with a 2-year warranty


  • Poorly packaged

Pow’ R’ Kraft 65556 4-Ton 15 Amp Electric Log Splitter

If you are looking for a reliable log splitter to split your seasoned logs of up to 10-inch in diameter, don’t look further than Pow’ R’ Kraft 65556 4-Ton. This is an impressive low-cost log splitter that is powered by a 1500W motor and a 2320 psi hydraulic system. It comes with an excellent 15 seconds cycle time and an auto-return piston.

It features a ZHB control system which needs a two-hand operation so that you split your logs quickly and efficiently. It comes with an all-steel construction to offer a long splitting life.

It is backed with a 2-year limited warranty despite its affordable cost. Overall, if you want a budget-friendly electric logger, this is a perfect choice for your money.


  • Durable with all-steel construction
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Reasonably priced


  • Runs slow
  • Low capacity


YTL International Forest King

This log splitter is designed to be operated manually. However, it puts minimum strain to your body compared to conventional manual methods of splitting logs but doesn’t compete with the gas-powered or electric-powered splitter especially when it comes to cycle time.

This manual log splitter is operated using two steel handles and can split up to 18-Inch long and 8-inches wide piece of log. As you pull the handles, the hydraulic pump pushes the splitting wedge into the wood with a force of 10 tons which is enough to split any seasoned log.

Since it has no motor, it requires very little or no maintenance. It comes with ram stroke and two wheels for easy maneuverability. It features all-steel construction for durability. Besides, it is backed with a 2-year limited warranty.


  • Quality build
  • Excellent performance
  • No maintenance required
  • Easy to use


  • Operates manually


Things to Consider When Buying a Log Splitter – Buying Guide

  • Safety

Just like any powered tool you buy, safety should be a priority. You probably want to split your logs into manageable pieces without any worry about causing harm to yourself. As such, read the product description of the log splitter you intend to buy and get the safety features that the splitter comes with.

  • Durability

When buying a log splitter, think about how long it will last service you. A durable log splitter will feature a sturdy body construction with long-lasting materials. Go for one with a warranty period has this will protect you against damaged occasioned within the period given. The longer the warranty, the more durable the log splitter is.

  • Power Input

Log splitters come with either an electric or gas option. Gas log splitters deliver more power compared to electric ones. This is because fuel enables them to run on higher pressure and speeds thus they are more heavy-duty compared to regular splitters.

Electric splitters, on the other hand, don’t deliver as much speed and pressure as gas-powered models. They are much easier to handle and store and more convenient for small to medium-sized logs. Besides, they are more eco-friendly than gas-powered.

  • Pressure

Pressure for splitters is measured in tonnes of horsepower and the high the pressure the fast the splitter will do your logs. Higher pressure also means your splitter will split thicker logs with easy. As such, don’t settle for a log splitter with less than 2 tonnes of horsepower.


Log splitters are essential tools when dealing with logs. They help split them into smaller manageable pieces for use as firewood or woodworking. The market provides you with gas-powered, electric and manually operated log splitter.

Whether you want a log splitter for professional purposes or household use, getting the best log splitter is important. The 10 best log splitter we have reviewed above enlightens you on the different types of log splitters available for you to choose from. We believe that you will find the best product for your needs.

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Best Log Splitter

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