Best Non- Slip Slippers for Elderly

Best Non- Slip Slippers for Elderly

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For the elderly people to avoid falls, they need to wear fitting non-slip slippers. They will need to go for slippers with rubber soles to avoid skidding or falling. The best non-slip slippers for the elderly should also have soft inner soles. This will enable them to experience great comfort as they move around.  When the inner sole is comfortable, the heel will have great support.  The chances of falling off will be minimal.

Also, identify nonslip slippers that will suit the needs of the elderly. There are those who have swollen feet. They need a non-slipper which is wide enough.  It should also give natural cushioning to the feet. It is therefore important to ensure that you know the features you are looking for in a non-slip slipper before purchasing it. Below is a list of the best non-slip slippers for the elderly in the market. Take your time and have a look at each one of them. We are sure you will identify one that suits the needs of your kin.

Acorn Women’s Spa Wrap Slipper

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Acorn is a premium quality no-slip slipper. It is super soft and comes with a moccasin design which is so classic. It is resistant to skidding as a result of its rubber soles. This makes them versatile since they can be used indoors and also outdoors.

The non-slipper is adjustable as well as flexible. The adjustable strap gives the elderly a perfect fit. The elderly also slip on it with ease.  It is a full coverage type of non-slipper with a breathable style that is comfortable. Elderly who need orthopedic support and those who are diabetic should go for this nonslip slipper.

Also, it is the best for therapeutic support as it gives relief to your swollen feet. The soft and multi-layered inner sole cushion gives your legs great support. To prevent elderly people from skidding off and falling, the sole has an anti-skid texture. The elderly will, therefore, have to be safe when moving around on different kinds of floors. It is the best and safest nonslip slipper for the elderly that you will come across.


  • It is skid resistant
  • Comes with soft rubber sole
  • Its tab closure is Velcro hence readjusts itself all-day
  • Comes in 5 colors
  • It has an elastic band hence cannot slip off
  • It is machine washable


  • It isn’t the best for feet that swell. You have to buy one fit higher


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Foamtreads is a non-slipper which is roomy and comfortable. Elderly people with swollen and sensitive should go for Foamtrends. They come with foam padding which is soft. The elderly will be able to move around with ease since their feet are firmly held. Another great feature is the rubber heel. It is durable, sturdy and flexible.

The outer side is made using wool, tricot lining, and a sock liner too. It also comes with rubber out and insole. You will only need to hand wash it with some warm water and soap them air dry.


  • Perfect for elderly people experiencing swollen feet
  • Comes with toe padding
  • Has two colors to choose from
  • Come with Velcro adjustments
  • Its flexible, sturdy and durable


  • Some people find charcoal and black too dull

Secret Slippers

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This secret nonslip slippers will give the elderly great comfort from the soft and extra wide shoes. They are wide enough to accommodate the feet even when it is swollen. They will be able to relieve the elderly all kinds of pressure especially those with sensitive skin, edema and those who are diabetic.

The sole is made from rubber sole hence durable. With non-skid traction, the elderly are able to avoid skidding and falling. They can, therefore, use them indoors and outdoors. It comes in four sizes. Anyone with wide and standard feet will be comfortably fit in them. Velcro fasteners allow you to adjust it in case of swelling.


  • Comes with a solid and synthetic sole
  • Best for diabetic and orthopedics
  • It comes in two colors
  • Classic with a gold pattern that is stylish


  • Its arch support is small

Acorn Women’s Edelweiss Moccasin Slipper

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Acorn is one of the best nonslip slippers in the market. You will be impressed by its quality. Its outer part is made with boiled wool which is hand-stitched making it elegant and classy. It comes with a soft wool lining making it suitable for use indoors and outdoors.

It comes with a rubber sole hence durable. The elderly will feel safe when wearing it since they cannot skid and fall. It is easy to slip it on too. They come in three colors so you can go for your favorite.


  • It has 3 colors to choose from
  • Its rubber sole is flexible and durable
  • Perfect for both indoors and outdoor use
  • Easy to slip in your feet
  • Comes with a soft wool lining


  • Not suitable for people with toe deformities or swollen feet.


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ChicNChic is a non-slipper which is preferred because of its durability.  It comes with a waterproof sole. Its anti-slip feature helps in ensuring that there is no noise as one walks. The bottom has a texture that is skid resistant. It comes with a lining that is skin-friendly hence keep your feet warm. They come in three colors so you can go for your favorite color.

Another great thing is that they are machine washable. You will, therefore, have an easy time maintaining cleanliness.  Also, they are the best when it comes to feet support. This is because of its wide and open mouth. People with swollen feet will find comfort in ChicNChic non-slip slippers.


  • Its durable
  • It is machine washable
  • Perfect for swollen feet
  • Comes with an anti-slip feature
  • The bottom texture is anti-skid
  • It is skin-friendly
  • Comes in three colors


  • Limited size selection


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Anyone looking for premium comfort should go for ISOTONER.  It is a stylish non-slip slipper mostly worn by men. It comes with a terry lining which also has raised piping. This gives the elderly great comfort since they are warm comfortable.  It is also easy to slide in your feet.

ISOTONER comes with a back design that is stylish and easy to wear. The inner sole offers one’s feet with great comfort and support. The elderly will be able to prevent feet sores or pain. The sole is made from rubber which helps in preventing skidding.  On the flip side, this nonslip slipper runs small. You should, therefore, purchase the next size for it to comfortable and fitting.


  • It comes with a rubber sole
  • Has a soft lining which makes it comfortable
  • Easy donning as a result of the stretching heel
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Comes with four colors
  • It is machine washable


  • You have to purchase the next fit for it to be comfortable

Absolute Footwear

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The upper side of Absolute footwear is made from microsuede. This makes it durable. It comes with rubber sole giving the elderly people a good grip and in return safety. They are sure that they will not skid or fall when walking around.  It also comes with Velcro adjusters which helps the elderly to adjust them for a perfect fit.  Anyone experiencing swollen feet should go for Absolute Footwear.


  • Comes with rubber sole hence safe
  • Has Velcro adjusters on the front and back
  • It is extra wide hence suitable for people with swollen feet
  • Made from micro suede material


  • It does not have a fitting for small feet

Acorn Men’s More

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These nonslip slippers are of premium quality. They come with inner and outer support hence perfect for people in all age categories. People who love stylish stuff should go for these Slippers. They are breathable and comes with all kinds of fabric. The good thing is that it can be worn in all kinds of weather.

The slippers come with a super soft lining which keeps the feet dry all day. Its inner sole is made from a multi-layered cushion that offers the elderly great comfort. It gives them a fit that is therapeutic. They will be able to get rid of sores and swelling as well as pain on the feet. These nonslip slippers are also durable. This is because it is made from suede and a rubber sole.


  • Comes with a super-soft lining for comfort
  • Made from a breathable fabric
  • Comes with a multi-layered cushion for comfort on the feet
  • Durable and versatile
  • Has an ability to get rid of pain and any kind of swelling
  • Comes with a variety of colors


  • It’s not perfect for feet that are too swollen


Through the purchase of the right non-slip slippers, the elderly will experience great comfort as they move around. They will have independence since they will be safe from any kind of skids or falls. You need to know their needs. This is because some need wide nonslip slippers because of their swollen feet. Others have medical conditions that need specific non-slip slippers.

Another thing you need to consider is the type of sole and inner sole the non-slip slipper has. A rubber sole prevents the elderly from skidding or falling. They will be safe when wearing them. Also, go for a non-slip slipper with a soft inner sole. They support and offer comfort to the feet of the elderly. The most important thing is to ensure that your elderly kin is comfortable. Go for any of the above nonslip slippers for the elderly we have discussed.

Buying Guide: How do you choose a Safe Slipper?

As much as comfort is paramount when choosing a non-slipper for the elderly, you need to consider other factors. Let’s go through them together;

●       Type of Sole

You need to go for a non-slip slipper with rubber sole. The sole gives the elderly a tight grip. They will also give them extra support to elderly people. The elderly will also be safe from skidding and falling.

●       How is Velcro Closure?

Going for non-slip slippers with a tight closure would be of great help in ensuring that the elderly are comfortable. It should wear and remove. Elderly people whose hands are weak will have an easy time with these types of non-slip slippers. It would be nice to avoid laces and go for buckles or those with small buttons. The best thing about the Velcro closures is that seniors can make adjustments until they get a comfortable fit. They can also loosen them when they experience any kind of discomfort.

●       Style and Design

Nonslip slippers come in different designs. You need to be aware of the needs of your kin before purchasing one. This will lead you to identify slippers that will be of help to them. The best style is the one that supports the front and the back of the feet.  Do not go for open heel slippers. They are not safe since the elderly may slip off. The design you go for will determine the elderly’s safety as they move around.

●       Weight

The non-slip slipper should not be too light or too heavy. Heavy slippers will make them get tired too easily and may not move around with ease.  There is no such comfort in heavy slippers. Also, do not go for slippers that are too light. This is because you will not feel the slipper hence no grip. It will be difficult to control your steps.

●       Fit

You will improve the comfort and safety of elderly people by finding them fitting non-slip slippers. Avoid going for slippers that are too tight as they prevent air circulation inside the non-slip slippers. Elderly people with swollen feet will also experience challenges with tight slippers. Also, if the slippers are too loose, they will not be comfortable since they slip off easily. Moving around will in return become a bit difficult.

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