Best Velcro Shoes for the Elderly

The Best Velcro Shoes for the Elderly

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There’s nothing as good as seniors maintaining good health. They can do this by engaging in different physical activities. However, they need to wear the right pair of shoes in order for them to experience comfort as they perform them. This is where the Velcro shoes come in.  They are the best Velcro shoes that the elderly can go for since they will not experience any hassle when wearing and removing them.

But why Velcro shoes?  Most people consider them to be kid’s shoes. What they do not know is that they work perfectly for the elderly. They do not have to worry about bending to tie laces bearing in mind that bending may be hazardous for them as they may develop back pains. Also, their feet may swell when they wear other types of shoes hence the need to go for Velcro shoes for the elderly.

By wearing the right shoes, they will also be able to protect themselves from conditions that may result from wearing the wrong shoes. The best thing about them is that they are specifically made for different feet conditions.

If you are shopping for the best Velcro shoes for the elderly, then you have come to the right place. We have prepared a list of the best and most suitable Velcro shoes for the elderly. Take your time to go through it and identify the Velcro shoes that will suit your kin.

Drew Shoe Men’s Force Velcro Shoes

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Drew shoe is mostly worn by elderly men even though women are not restricted from wearing it. It is a shoe that has an athletic look even though it is worn by elderly people with foot conditions that need proper care. The manufacturer made these Velcro shoes with such people in mind.

One great thing about this shoe is the therapeutic needs of the elderly it caters to. As a result of how it is designed, the elderly are able to experience great comfort since the feet will be dry and fresh at all times. It also comes with leather straps which give the elderly an easy time when tying and untying.

The shoes also come with an upper collar and some padded tongue which are also cushioned. Anyone looking for long-lasting Velcro shoes without worrying about its price should go for Drew Shoe Men’s Force Velcro Shoes. It may be quite expensive, but you will have a great experience with them.


  • Comes with perforated holes for cooling purposes
  • It has a heel stabilizer which gives one better balance and stability
  • Comes with a padded tongue
  • It has a full rounded toe which gives you more room for the toes


  • It is expensive

Orthofeet Serene

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For your elderly kin to experience comfort as they walk or move around, it will be important for them to go for the best velocity  shoes. You will find that in Orthofeet serene. It is one of the best and most comfortable shoes for the elderly. It comes with an orthotic inner sole which gives them comfort. It positions the feet to a comfortable state which enables them to be able to move around with ease.

The best thing about this Velcro  shoe is that it has an ability to eliminate any kind of pain you may be experiencing on your feet or legs and even the spine. This is as a result of the technology used when making them. Another great thing is that its sizes range from wide to extra-large. This means that every elderly person will get a pair that fits them. The shoe is also stylish and super comfortable as well as durable. You can never go wrong with it.


  • You will not experience any hurdles when waking
  • They come in different sizes and also widths so everyone can find their size
  • It is comfortable especially for people with medical conditions on their feet
  • It comes with an orthotic sole which helps in alleviating any kind of pain
  • The heel has some extra padding for comfort


  • People whose feet are narrow may not find a fitting Orthofeet shoe
  • They are a bit slippery
  • People who weigh more may not be comfortable with the arch support
  • It has a full rounded toe which gives you more room for the toes

New Balance MW813V1

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Are you tired of purchasing Velcro shoes that are not stylish?  New balance MW813V1 Velcro shoes to go for.  It comes with an inbuilt heel stabilizer which helps in the reduction of pressure on their feet. They get stronger by the day.  The outer cover is covered with full-grain leather making it durable.

In addition, these shoes come in different sizes with different widths. The perforated part helps in ensuring that no odor comes from the shoes. Also, the shoe has enough inner space. It will, therefore, move inside freely. Most of all, it is light in weight.


  • It comes in different sizes and widths
  • Its perforates itself enabling one’s feet to be comfortable and dry as well as odorless
  • It is light in weight
  • The lining is padded enabling you to be comfortable and relaxed at all times


  • The straps are too short
  • The shoes may stretch when one wears them often

Propet Women’s Tour Walker Strap Sneaker

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This Velcro shoe is one of the most durable shoes for the elderly that you will ever come across. This is because it is made using high-quality materials. The shoe is trendy and sporty too. Also, the shoe comes with a Twin- Strap which is easy to fasten. This is most suitable for people who love making adjustments on the shoes especially when it’s too cold or too hot.

In addition, the shoe comes with a Herringbone tread rubber which helps in protecting one’s feet even as they support them. The padded tongue together with the collar also increases the comfort levels. The best thing about these Velcro shoes is that they can absorb any kind of pressure they experience as they walk or when engaging in exercises.


  • The outer cover of the shoe is covered with leather which is durable and easy to clean
  • The perforated parts give room for air circulation
  • It comes with a smooth lining which is also soft and durable
  • the available colors are unisex so they can be worn by both men and women


  • Its soles are not too flexible
  • The toe box is normally tighter than the rest of the Velcro shoes

Skechers Men’s Afterburn Strike Memory Foam Shoes

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Most men love this Velcro shoe. This is because of its sporty appearance. The shoe comes with a double hook and loop straps. This means that they do not have to worry about tying shoelaces. It also comes with a memory foam which keeps one’s feet comfortable. Anyone who experiences aching feet or sores.

Another great feature is that it is made of leather. This means that it is long-lasting hence can be used for a long period of time without replacing it. The padded tongue as well as a collar which gives the support they need as they walk or when working out. Finally, the shoes require little or no maintenance.


  • It comes with front perforation vents for cooling your feet
  • The shoe texture comes in contrasting colors
  • It also comes with a padded collar for comfort and stability
  • It’s ready to go type of shoe


  • The memory foam is too thin

Leader Show Women’s Elderly Walking Shoe

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Women are always looking forward to wearing fancy and good looking shoes. They will find exactly that in Leader Show Women’s Elderly Walking Shoe. Also, it comes with a variety of colors to choose from. One can, therefore, go for the color that will suit them.

They come with a light cushion and soft lining on the inner part of the shoe. This ensures that one fits the shoe comfortably without making any adjustments. It is also a type of shoe that is easy to wear since it comes off easily. Anyone looking for a unique and comfortable Velcro shoe should, therefore, go for Leader Show Women’s Elderly Walking Shoe.


  • Comes with an original design
  • Its stability is inbuilt and balanced too
  • Its outsole is perfectly designed for versatility purposes
  • It comes with a double-layered fabric for support and comfort


  • The tongue may be too narrow for some elderly people

Dr. Scholl’s

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Dr. Scholl’s is a type of Velcro shoe that is specially designed for people with health conditions such as arthritis and diabetes. The shoe is of great help in the reduction of pain on the feet. It is a type of shoe that comes with extra room for people who may be having wide feet. The inner side of the shoe has a smooth lining which gives the elderly comfort as they walk and also as they engage in different activities.

Also, the shoe has Velcro closure which makes it unique and stylish at the same time. They do not need any adjustments hence great comfort for the elderly.


  • It is light in weight hence ease in moving
  • The midsole is flexible to support the required thickness
  • It comes with supportive gel and shock absorbers to offer the elderly with some balance
  • The side panels are also stretchy
  • The toe is rounded softly for support


  • The Velcro straps are too long


The elderly will not only fight different feet conditions by wearing the right shoes but also, experience comfort as they engage in different activities. Velcro  shoes will give you exactly that. You can choose Velcro shoes from the above list. We are sure you will get the best and most suitable Velcro shoes you may be looking for. They will offer you great support on the feet. The best thing about them is that they keep adjusting their fit throughout the day. This means that the shoes will remain comfortable whether the feet remain the same and also when they swell. Aren’t these the Velcro  shoes you have been looking for?

Buyers Guide: Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Velcro  Shoes for the Elderly


We all do not want to keep going back to the shops for new Velcro shoes every now and then. It is for this reason that we need to consider their durability before purchase. You will come across qualities of Velcro  shoes in the market but one thing that stands out is that leather shoes last longer. They may be expensive but they are worth each penny.


It is important for seniors to find the right fit for them. This will give them the comfort they need as they carry out different activities. The best thing would be to identify Velcro shoes that are adjustable. The Weight will be of help since even when their feet swell, they will still fit in the shoes comfortably. Also, go for a shoe with a good width.


Seniors do not need shoes that they will have to wash every now and then. You, therefore, need to go for a model that is stain proof and which is dark in color. The best ones are leather Velcro shoes for the elderly since they will be able to clean them with ease. Shoes made from fabric will need thorough washing every now and then so they may not be suitable for the elderly.


The best Velcro shoe is one that allows air circulation in them. This helps a lot in preventing the feet from getting too sweaty. In this case, you need to go for mesh Velcro shoes since they provide maximum breathability. Leather shoes are said to trap heat on the inside.


When working out, the feet experience a lot of pressure. The right type of sole will give your feet and toes the right comfort. The most recommended ones are memory foam shoes. They are the best for seniors since they support their feet which ensures great comfort.

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