Dirt Bikes for Kids

Dirt Bikes for Kids

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If you are looking for the best dirt bike for your kids, you are in the right place. Here you will learn more about dirt bikes for kids and what goes into the best dirt bikes.

Dirt bikes are great toys that allow kids to get outdoors and experience new things as they bike around the neighborhood. Since the safety of your children is important when riding on dirt bikes, we want to ensure that you will get the right dirt bike for your kids.

For you get the right dirt bike, we have included a buying guide in this review of 10 Dirt Bikes for Kids to ensure you are equipped with everything to feel confident about choosing the right dirt bike for your kid from the market.

Top 10 Dirt Bikes for Kids

Street Racer 12V Battery Power Electric Motorcycle

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The Street Race Motorcycle dirt bike is a Moderno Kids production that is powered by 12V battery. It comes with two powerful motors, two forward speed –high and low, one reverse speed and maximum speed 2-5 mph for a soft start while the electric braking system for gradual acceleration and efficient braking.

The soft PU leather seat, the rear spring shock suspension, and the nil maintenance soft EVA foam rubber tires with LED light will give your kid a smooth ride. The rubber tires come with great traction thus provide kids with more control.


  • Great music features for kids
  • Efficient braking system
  • Comfortable soft PU leather seat


  • Leans on one side for smaller kids

Marketworldcup – 6V Electric Dirt Bike

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If you are looking for a dirt bike for your kids to conquer your backyard and other outdoor this bike from Marketworldcup could be your right choice. It comes with a 6V battery that is quick to charge. Moreover, it comes with excellent training wheels that will ensure your kids are riding safely all time round.

With a maximum speed of 2mph, you kids will have a maximum adventure while feeling confident that they are riding on a safer speed. It features colorful decals that are attractive to kids while it is easy to switch on and off. It comes with a weight capacity of 44 pounds and is recommended for kids of age 3 and above.


  • A maximum speed of 2mph which is safe for kids
  • Two training wheels
  • Super easy to charge


  • Assembly of training wheel is required

Vroom Rider VR093 6V Dirt Bike

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This dirt bike from Vroom Rider will provide your kids with hassle-free ride-on toys. It is powered by a 6V battery that is quick and easy to recharge. It comes with two training wheels that ensure your kids learn to ride this bike without having to worry about falling to the sides.

If features a maximum speed of 2 mph that safe for kids of age 3 to 5. The forward and backward switch is ergonomically placed so that the kids will have an easy time to locate and press it. If you are planning to take your kids to a thrilling adventure, this dirt bike will for sure bring them unforgettable excitement.


  • Excellent working headlights
  • A safe maximum speed of 2 mph
  • Easy to charge 6V battery


  • Poor made stickers that scratch off easily

KingSports Black 40cc Mini Dirt Bike

This dirt bike is powered by a 40cc one-cylinder engine that comes with a great air cooling feature that makes sure the engine never overheats thus allowing your kids to have unlimited fun and adventure.

Some assembly such as attaching the wheel, snapping on the mudguard and adjusting the handlebars are required before hitting the road for a great adventure. However, due to its high speed, extra care is needed to be observed by the riders. A rider should always wear protective clothing and pads for safety measures in case of an accident. Since the seat height is 1.97ft, this dirt bike is recommended for kids aged 14 years and above.


  • High-quality and powerful engine
  • Excellent air cooling engine system
  • Great black design


  • Requires some assembly

Kidz Razor Motorcross Dirt Bike

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This dirt bike from Kidz Razor comes equipped with a 24V rocket real electric motor that delivers a maximum speed of 14 mph. It features a cool black color that is blended with white.  The 24V battery is strong enough to power the powerful motor for up to 10 miles on a single charge. Moreover, this battery is super quick to charge so that you kids can embark on their riding adventure almost immediately.

It features riser handlebars that provide kids with smooth comfortable rides no matter the terrain. Moreover, with these handlebars, the kids will have full control of their rides.


  • Great for off-road terrains
  • Super-fast charging system
  • Great riser handlebars for total control


  • Extremely powerful for kids to handle on their own

V-Fire 4-Stroke 40cc Dirt Bike

The V-Fire 4-Strokec 40cc dirt bike is designed to provide real riding experience, excitement, and performance to kids who love riding adventures. With this dirt bike, you can take a break from your smartphones and take your kids for an outdoor adventure that will create memories that the indoor cannot provide.

It features a 4-stroke engine that is not only fuel-efficient but also eco-friendly. Moreover, it has a long engine life thus you kids will have great fun for an extended period. The engine is made from sturdy steel materials that have high tensile strength thus cannot easily get damaged if properly used.

It comes with pneumatic tires that provide maximum grip while both the front and the rear disc brake deliver fast yet smooth stopping power.


  • Durable with a strong steel frame
  • Long-lasting powerful engine
  • Front and rear disc brakes for smooth stopping


  • New in the market so no negative reviews yet

Qaba 6V Kids Electric Battery Dirt Bike

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This dirt bike from Qaba brings authentic driving experience to the kids. If your kid is an upcoming motocross champion, you can start them off safely with this Qaba 6V Kids Electric Battery Dirt Bike. It comes with a genuine look and feels that will make your kids feel like pros as they tackle the track.

It comes with a rechargeable battery that will allow your kids to have for 45 minutes non-stop before recharging and embarking on having fun around your backyard. The roomy seat offers a large space for your kid to sit more comfortably.

It comes with two side wheels and a maximum speed of 2.5 mph to assure safety to your kid whenever riding. The powerful 6V electric motor delivers a powerful rear-wheel-drive to the bike for great performance on rocky terrain, grass, and dirt.


  • It is safe and durable
  • Large comfortable seat
  • Powerful 6V motor for greater performance on all terrain


  • Not great in grass

SAY YEAH Electric Dirt Bike

This dirt bike comes with a powerful 24V motor that delivers a maximum speed of 15 mph. It is ideally designed for your kids who are looking to taking their dirt-biking experience a notch higher.

It is constructed from sturdy steel tube frames that make the whole bike light yet durable. The plastic elements on this dirt bike are equally durable to ensure a long-term dirt-biking experience. Even though it is built to be lightweight, this dirt bike can efficiently handle all off-road conditions without a hassle.  So if your kids love off-road and rough environments for their biking activities, this is can be a good option to explore.

Even though it requires to be assembled, the whole process is a breeze. The maintenance of this dirt bike is equally easy, especially with a dedicated team that is willing to assist over the phone.


  • Easy to assemble and maintain
  • High-quality construction materials for durability
  • Power motor for better performance in all-terrain


  • Great speed not ideal for young kids

Razor mX500 Dirt Rocket Bike

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This Razor mX500 Dirt Rocket Bike is designed for those who want a fast dirt bike. With a top speed of 17 mph at full throttle, you can be sure to beat the other dirt bikes if your kid is going for a racing competition. Moreover, it rides up to 40 minutes on a single charge which is good enough for a racing completion.

It is designed for kids who are older and have little experience riding dirt bikes. As such, it is not great for first-time riders. Although it requires to be assembled, the entire process is easy and fast.

The dual suspension and riser handlebars are responsible for its smooth and comfortable ride while the large pneumatic knobby tires provide maximum traction in all-terrain. Owing to its high-speed, this dirt bike is recommended for 14 year and older kids.


  • Powerful motor and acceleration
  • Easy to assemble and maintain
  • Great suspension and riser handlebars for a smooth ride


  • Not for very young kids

HOVERHEART Electric Power Bike

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This is a foot pedal electric dirt bike that allows kids to control the precise speed they want to ride with. Moreover, the handlebar comes with high-quality grips to ensure you kid have total control.

It also comes with two side wheels making this dirt bike perfect for kids who are first-timers in riding dirt bikes. The two side wheels will provide them with ultimate stability. It reaches a maximum speed of 3.2 mph therefore safe for young kids to ride on.


  • 2 mph maximum speed which is safe for young kids
  • Two side wheel for more stability
  • Easy to use foot pedals


  • Long charging times

How to Choose the Best Dirt Bike – Buying Guide

Choosing the right dirt bike for your kid can be a challenging task. This is because there are many options flooded in the market to choose from. However, you don’t have to worry because we are here to help you out. With this guide, you can have confidence when choosing a dirt bike and you can be sure to go home with the best dirt bike for your little one. Here are some of the features to factor in:

  • Hand Strength

Make sure that the dirt bike you intend to buy for your kid has tight handlebars grip. Can they hold back the throttle while maintaining a steady course?

  • Power

Some dirt bikes come with very high torque for young kids while others come with average torque. So, being aware of the horsepower of the dirt bike engine or motor you intend to purchase will save you from buying a high torque bike that is not suitable for your young kid.

  • Suspension

Two-stroke or four-stroke often provides different stabilities. However, electric is equally another safe type of dirt bike with battery-powered strength for your kids.

  • Bike Size

Dirt bikes come in different sizes and getting the right size that suits your kid’s weight, strength, and ability will ensure safe riding for better experience and excitement.

  • Tire Size

Tire size is one of the best ways you can determine which dirt bike will be great for your kid. Smaller tires are great for dirt bikes for kids. A bigger tire and wheel will sit the seat of the bike higher from the ground thus placing the rider even higher hence the kid won’t have excellent control. So consider getting a smaller tire and wheel dirt bike so that your kid will have better control and in case of a tip-over, they will be able to put their feet on the ground on time.

  • Type of Power
  • Gasoline-powered: Gasoline-powered dirt bikes are a great option, especially when you kids get older and want more speed.
  • Electric powered: These are the most available dirt bikes for kids. They are largely popular because they are convenient to charge and maintain. All you need is just plug it to the mains and wait. Besides, the also rum at low speeds which is even safer for younger kids
  • Price

There is a big difference when it comes to prices for dirt bikes for kids. However, if you are buying for first-timers you should pick a cheaper dirt bike but of good quality.


Finding the right dirt bike for kids is a tricky task, but we hope that this review and buying guide has provided you with all the information you need to pick the best dirt bike for your kid. As you pick the best dirt bike for your kid, also remember to choose the essential gear that will take care of your kid’s needs!

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