How to Maintain a Water Softener

How to Maintain a Water Softener

A modern softener can serve your need for many years while keeping your home water appliances and pipes in great condition. However, for your water softener to run efficiently, it requires regular checks and maintenance. Below are a few easy ways to maintain your water softener good running condition
Are you living in a hard water state and you are tired of the build-up of scale inside your home appliances like water heaters, faucets, showerheads and pipes? Then you probably need a water softener. If you do not have a water softener, then you are going to frequently replace most of your home appliances while doing regular extensive maintenance of your home water systems. Therefore, a water softener is a vital home appliance.

Maintain the Brine Tank

The brine tank has to be well maintained as it is responsive with making your hard water soft. Ensure at all times the brine tank has the correct amount of salt. Do not let your brine tank run out of salt or overfill it! For the best performance of your brine tank, add salt whenever it has gone almost a quarter of the tank.

Be sure to also clean your bine tank and always ensure you are using clean brine for water regeneration purpose. Follow these steps when cleaning your brine tank:

  • Turn off the water softener
  • Scoop out excess brine and salt
  • Vacuum clean the brine tank
  • Refill the tank to about 2/3 of salt

Removing the Salt Bridge

Your water softener won’t soften water efficiently whenever there is a salt bridge in the brine tank. Salt bridge occurs regularly hence you should regularly maintain your tank. Whenever there is a salt bridge in your brine tank, you will receive harder water from your softener despite running ok. This is because the salt bridge prevents sodium from being pumped into the resin thus having calcium and magnesium deposits in the resin that could otherwise be cleaned. Nonetheless, you can fix the salt bridge in your brine tank by following these simple steps.

  • Turn off your water softener and turn on the bypass switch
  • Break the salt bridge with a hard stick and scoop it out together with the brine and the left-over salt
  • Dissolve the excess salt by pouring a few gallons of hot water and let it settle for about four hours for complete dissolving.

Maintaining the Resin Tank

When it comes to maintaining water softener, the resin tank doesn’t need any extra help to maintain. Nonetheless, at times you will have to clean out the sediment damage or replace the resin.

To replace your resin, you have to take your resin tank with you to the hardware store. Here, they will tell you the type of resin perfect for your tank and the amount it requires. They might also advise that you buy a new distributor tube among with the resin funnel for the resin you have bought.

  • Turn off your water softener and place your tank under a bypass
  • Remove the distributor tube and the throw the resin out of the tank
  • Replace the resin by putting a new distributor into the tank. Ensure you have cut it to the correct height. Get the resin inside and ensure none gets into the distributor!
  • Backwash and regenerate a few times and your water softener is ready to go.

So long as your water softener is well-maintained, it will keep running efficiently while you enjoy using soft water in your home. Moreover, if you have a warranty on your water softener unit, you can get it repaired whenever it breaks down from the usual wear and tear.

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