How to Reset Water Softener after Power Outage

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When there is a power outage and your water softener is running, the control will maintain its early programmed settings including time for about 24 hours. Best of all, the water will continue to flow through the softener and will come out softened. This is mainly because a water softener comes with AccuSoft circuit board that features a Hi-Cap Capacitor as well as EEPROM memory chip. It is the capacitor that helps maintain the time for at least two days in case a power outage is fixed.

On the other hand, the EEPROM makes sure that the various individual programming parameters of the water softener are not lost. However, if you experience power outage over a long period and the Hi-Cap Capacitor is drained, the control will flash 12:00 PM once the power is back.

Your water softener will proceed to keep time from the moment power is back. Besides, it will start a full regeneration at the pre-set regeneration time. What you will be required to reset however is the time of day to return to its previous pre-set time.

How to Reset Time

You can reset time by locating the Customer Setting mode. Change the time by pressing and holding the Display button for nearly five seconds. The display will read “Customer Setting” and then release the button once “Set Time” is displayed. If the time displayed is correct, you can press Display to move to the next setting and if incorrect, follow the following steps:

For a change of time of day to be affected:

  • The cursor has to be under the second-hour digit
  • Press “Change” recurrently until the present hour is displayed. Press select to set the hour and move the cursor to the right side.
  • Press Change repeatedly to get the right minutes. Select Amor PM. Once the correct time is displayed, press “Display” to move to the next setting.

How to Reset Regeneration

  • Press “Display” until it reads “Regeneration Time”
  • Let the cursor be on the second-hour digit
  • Press “Change” repeatedly until the correct hour is displayed. Press “Select” to set the hour and move the cursor to the right to set the minutes.
  • Press “Change” frequently to the right minutes and the select Am or PM.
  • When you have set the right time and it’s displayed, press “Display” to move to the next parameter.

NOTE: Often set the regeneration time when the water is normally not used in your home, set a time like 1 a.m.

The next parameter on the display could be “People”. This parameter doesn’t have to be reset. However, if you wish to change it follow the same procedure as the aforementioned parameters. Press “Display” to exit the Customer Settings Mode.

What if Power Outage Happens During Recharge Cycle

If you have a power outage during the normal 90-minute regeneration cycle or in approximately 7 days or every 3 days for every hard water, your water softener will continue to discharge, however, through the drain line until power is returned and complete the regeneration cycle.

But, if this doesn’t happen, you can activate the bypass valve to bypass the softener and halt the drain flow.  In this entire procedure, your water won’t be softened and the bypass valve will have to be reset once the power is returned.

Whenever there is a power outage and you want to reset your water softener, it is important to have the water softener’s manual guide with you. Read through all the steps and understand before you start resetting your water softener. If you are unable to follow these steps, then it is recommended that you get help from a certified technician.

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