How to sharpen a Reel Mower with a File

How to sharpen a Reel Mower with a File

Reel mowers have gained their popularity over time as a result of the ability to use them manually. It has some curved blades which are bound to become blunt depending on use. Do dull blades affect the reel mower?  The answer is yes. The wheels and blades work concurrently so when the blades become blunt, it becomes hard for the wheels to move. It will hence make it difficult for you to pull the mower. It is also likely that the blades will pass over the grass and not cut it. Also, rusty blades may also damage the grass. This explains the need to make sure that the mower is sharp at all times.

In as much as blades of reel mowers are made to maintain their sharpness for a long time, they still wear out and would need some sharpening. Most people dread this time since they may not be sure of the best method to use when sharpening them. What they do not know is that there are many ways to sharpen the reel mower. One of them being the use of a file that is locally available, reliable, and affordable. You will not only save money but also sharpening time.

Most people prefer using a file since it is useful and safe for use even by beginners. You will perfectly hone the blades with accuracy and to the sharpness you desire. Also, you will sharpen the blades from home without incurring any costs.

Let us go through the various steps one can use for sharpening a reel mower with a file together.

Step 1

Clean the blades of the mower by first spraying it with water using a hosepipe. To make it cleaner, apply some soap using a brush then clean the blade with a wire brush. Rinse thoroughly and leave it to dry. You can also dry the mower with a dry towel.

Step 2

Now that the reel mower is clean, place it on a working bench. Hold the reel mower in place with a rock or block of wood. Ensure that the wheels are well secured before you move to the next step.

Step 3

Secure the reel mower blades. Fix any handle through the blade to ensure that the mower is motionless. This will help ensure your safety when filling the blades.

Step 4

Position the reel mower such that the file’s angle matches the edge of the blade you intend to sharpen. Once you achieve a firm position, place the toothed side down.

Step 5

Filing. Pull the file towards the beveled edge of the blade firmly as you pull the file downwards. Repeat this down the blade for around six times until the whole blade is sharp.

Step 6

Repositioning. Remove the handle you used to secure the blade in order for you to file the other reel mower blades. The blades are normally arranged in a spiral manner so you will have to reposition yourself a number of times until when you are through with the sharpening of all the blades. Make sure to repeat step 5 until you are through with all the blades. Make sure to achieve the desired sharpness before moving to the next step.

Step 7

Lubricating. After you are through with filing all the blades, lubricate the blades to prevent rusting and for them to move in a smooth manner when mowing. You can use a rug or a spray bottle to apply oil on the blades. Put the mower in a safe place to avoid accidents now that all the blades are sharp.

How often should you Sharpen Reel Mower Blades?

Reel mowers provide you with an environmentally friendly and effective way of mowing your garden. Most of them do not use engines, just the blades, and one’s ability to push them to cut grass. But how do the reel mower blades become blunt?  One of the reasons that make the blades blunt is the poor alignment of the blades. Also, using the mower on rough ground or on a place where there are trees and debris. This gives you more reasons to sharpen the reel mower. Nevertheless, there is no specific time when the blades should be sharpened. This is because it varies from one mower to another based on the size of the mower, how you use i,t, and its condition.

There are manufacturers who give time frames for the sharpening of the reel mower blades, even though the recommendations also vary. They recommend it to be in a span of one to eight years. However, the best person to tell whether the mower needs sharpening or not should be the user. The smaller the mower, the sharper it remains for longer and vice versa.  Mowing on rocky grounds may make the mower’s blades blunt quickly so they would sharpen after a short period of use.

You will tell that it’s time to sharpen the blades when it becomes hard to push the mower. It may become noisy too. Also, you will notice that it rips the grass off instead of cutting it out neatly.

Bottom Line

No one wants to work with a blunt reel mower as it will not be as effective as a sharp one. The blades get blunt depending on the size and use of the mower. However, it should not worry you at any one time.

There are those who would prefer to use electronic means to sharpen the blades which may be quite expensive while there are those who choose using the file which is affordable, easy to use, and readily available. Sharpening it will be of great benefit to you since it will be effective to work with which will also save you time.

Our advice for you is to always keep the reel mowers clean. This will help in maintaining the blades sharpness for a longer period of time. Ensuring that the blades are well maintained throughout not only helps in maintaining the blades sharpness but also helps in ensuring efficiency and effectiveness when working with it.

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