How to Start a Leaf Blower

You finally managed to purchase your dream leaf blower, right? Now, you will relax knowing that the burden of collecting leaves on your yard is off your shoulder. A leaf blower is definitely the most time-saving tool a gardener will have, but hey! Are you aware of how it works? This is something that stresses most people out, especially if the leaf blower is not electric. Starting a gas leaf blower may be an uphill task since there a few things you must know before using it. Some of them being the required gas to oil ratio, how to fuel, and how to start the engine.

You realize that most leaf blowers use a mixture of gas and oil. The start of problems with the blower happens when you mix larger amounts of oil with gas. The oil will definitely spark some plug. The blower will also start smoking as it runs as a result of too much oil in the gas. You, therefore, need to use the required proportions of gas and oil to avoid these problems. Below are some of the steps to use when starting a leaf blower:

Step 1

At this stage, you mix the gas and oil in a can. Shake the can thoroughly in order for the oil and gas to mix well. The next step is to fill the leaf blower with the mixture. For a four-cycle engine, you will need to use the straight gas.

Step 2

At this stage, you need to shove the primer bulb in as you release it. Repeat this process for at least six times then place the choke back. You then need to open the chock partly through moving the lever halfway thus will be amid close and open.

Step 3

Start pulling the starting cord for at least four times then leave the engine on for up to 10 seconds. Change the choke lever and place it on the open positions. Note that, there are models which you need to start and leave them running for up to 30 seconds while the choke is partly closed.  If you notice that the engine has stalled, you will only need to restart the engine by pulling the starting cord. You need to let the engine run for a while before you can move the choke to the open place.

We are sure that the leaf blower is blasting the leaves having followed all the correct steps!

When do I Use the Leaf Blower?

The use of a leaf blower depends on the weather, amount of debris, and leaves on the ground. Wet and soggy leaves may be hard to shift as compared to dry ones. Why not wait until they dry up? Also, use the leaf blower when the weather is not windy.  This will help in making sure that the leaves do not scatter which may be close to zero work. You will not only save blowing time but also the energy used.

What would make it Difficult for a Leaf Blower to Start?

Nothing is as disappointing as trying to start a leaf blower but all the efforts prove futile. A first time user may not hack the reason for failing to start but we have discussed some of the reasons below. Let us have a look.

  • Failure to Press the Bulb Enough

You need to press as you release the bulb until the oil gets into the carburetor. This will help in ensuring that the leaf blower starts efficiently.

  • Lack of Fuel

A leaf blower will not start without enough fuel. You, therefore, need to ensure that the tank has enough fuel before starting it.

●       Old Fuel

Most often, we do not remember to remove old oil from the leaf blower. You realize that gasoline does not age well. Even when it is left in the gas blower for a few days, the blower won’t start. Now, imagine what is likely to happen you do not change its oil for more than six months. The oil will dry up and may form a sludge making it difficult for the leaf blower to start. All you need to do is remove the old oil and refill with some fresh fuel. Also, make sure to remove oil from the leaf blower before storing it to avoid such problems.

●       Blockage of the Fuel Filter

When the fuel filter is blocked, the leaf blower may not start. You will, therefore, need to replace the filter before you start using it.

●       Dirty or Damaged Spark Plugs

Spark plugs get dirty and wear out easily making it difficult for a leaf blower to start. You would need to check them out to ensure that they are clean and in working condition before you start the leaf blower.

  • Blocked Fan

It is important that you check for stuck leaves or any other debris inside the fan since they are likely to prevent the fan from working efficiently.

As a gardener, you need to go through the leaf blower’s manual before using the leaf blower. This is because different leaf blowers work differently. By going through the manual, you will have some knowledge about the type of your leaf blower thus follow all the correct instructions when operating it. Through the instructions, you will save on time and start the leaf blower with minimal challenges.


Starting a leaf blower has been a challenge to many people especially when it is not electric. As you all know, an electric leaf blower is easier to use as compared to a gas leaf blower. The type of leaf blower you purchase also determines how easy or hard it will be for you to use it. It is therefore important to conduct thorough research before purchasing the leaf blowers to ensure that it does not give you a headache when using it. Through the manual, you will also learn how to start and the precautions you need to put in place when using the leaf blower.

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