How to Take Down a Pop Canopy

How to Take Down a Pop Canopy

A pop canopy is one of the easiest in the world to set up and take down. With step by step instructions on how to take your pop canopy down, you will be set to take your new canopy tent to your campground. However, it is advisable to practice the setup and takedown at home or the stores a few times before making your way to the campground.

When taking down you pop canopy, the canopy top may remain intact for easier later set-up. Nonetheless, for prolonging the life of your canopy top, it is recommendable that you detach it from the frames during taking down.

Before you take your pop canopy for storing purposes, ensure that the canopy top isn’t wet or damp. Storing the pop canopy with the canopy top even slightly damp can cause mildew. Therefore, before taking down, ensure that the canopy top is completely dry. But if you must take it down while the canopy top is still wet or damp, then detach it from the frame by unfastening the hook and the loop straps. Fold up the frame while you lay the canopy top-down when fully open and let it dry.

How to Take Down

Step 1

Start the takedown by untying the Velcro straps from the canopy top to the frame. Proceed to lower the frames by slightly lifting two adjacent outer frames. Depress the snap button and then telescope the inner frames up into the outer frames.  Do the same to the other two frames while ensuring you take two legs at a time.

Step 2

At each corner, release the auto slider by reaching up under the edge and pushing the framework slightly up with one hand. On the other hand, depress and release the locking button until it pops out above the slider. For commercial pop canopy units, pull the ring out before moving the sliders down.

Step 3

While holding the top of the centre frame where it is written “close”, lift slightly and walk towards your partner slowly as the frames fold in. Maintain your walking pace until the frame is halfway closed. Be careful not to pinch your hands or fingers while you close your pop canopy. Also, hold the outside frames and proceed to close by walking towards your partner. Make sure the completely folded up pop canopy stands up on its own.

Step 4

While the pop canopy is upright standing, unzip the wheeled bag by loosening the cord for WX8 and then slide the bag down slowly until the entire pop canopy goes in. Slowly invert the pop canopy when in the bag and zipper shut it. However, if your pop canopy comes with a polyethylene top, make sure you remove it before inserting the frame into the bag alone.

NOTE: Not all pop canopies come with a wheeled bag. Therefore, yours may or may not come with one.

Follow These Simple Tip For A Long-Lasting Pop Canopy

  • Always secure the pop canopy to the ground to avoid having the canopy flown away by the wind
  • Erect your pop canopy away from low lying tree branches
  • Never use your canopy tent in extreme weather conditions like high wind and torrent rainfall.
  • Ensure all the four corners of the sliders are tightly locked into place
  • Never use your pop canopy for smoking food or barbecuing without adequate ventilation
  • Prefer removing the canopy top and store it in a plastic container with a lid
  • Always ensure the canvas top is completely dry before storing
  • Always clean the canopy top with a mild detergent. Do not machine wash!

When taking down your pop canopy, ensure you follow these simple steps for a proper takedown and durability of your canopy tent.

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