How To Use Ozone Generator In Home

How To Use Ozone Generator In Home

One of the best ways to purify your air at home, in the office, in your car or the basement is by use of an ozone generator. An ozone generator can be used to remover odours, remove cigarette smoke and smells, kill mould, and even bacteria and viruses. But do you know how to use an ozone generator in your home safely? There are many safe ways you can use an ozone generator in the home without experiencing its dangers.

Dangers of Using Ozone Generator in Homes

Ozone is extremely reactive to living organisms and can cause serious respiratory effects on any living thing. If you breathe in the ozone, it damages the interior lining of your lungs leading to uncomfortable burning sensations, swelling and inflamed of the lungs.

It also affects the throat and sinuses making them scratchy and uncomfortable. If you are suffering from respiratory diseases like asthma, the reactions can be very uncomfortable. Therefore, you must not be in a room while running your ozone generator in. Although these effects may be not long-lasting, it can lead to a long-lasting effect that you won’t easily handle.

The best thing about ozone is that it stays only for a short time. It quickly breaks down into breathable oxygen within 2 to 3 hours. Therefore, once you run the ozone generator in your home, you must wait for about 3 hours before entering your home. Don’t assume that the ozone generator has shut off and quickly enter, it will still harm you. So, keep you and your family safe when using an ozone generator in your home.

How to Use Ozone Generator in Home

After considering the safety precautions required when running the ozone generator, let’s look at how you can use the ozone generator in your home safely. Ozone generators come in different designs and shapes and can cover different areas. Besides, some come with timers for auto-power on and auto-power off enabling you to set it to run the way you want. Others that don’t come with this feature will require you to go in while covering your mouth and nose before switching it off. Follow these simple tips on how to use an ozone generator in your home to ensure safety:

  • Ensure all living things are out of the room

Living things, in this case, refers to people, plants and pets. Nothing of this kind should be near the room that you are running your ozone generator in.  If kept in the room, your loved ones, pets or plants will experience the dangers of ozone.

  • Remove or cover your valuable items

Ozone has serious effects on paper or metallic items, therefore, removing or covering them when running the ozone generator will ensure their safety. You can utilize other friendlier ways to remove odours from these items.

  • Set the timer to activate and deactivate the ozone generator

If your ozone generator comes with a timer, make sure you set it to auto power on when you are out of the home and auto-power off at a specified time to ensure your safety. However, if it doesn’t have a timer, then it is upon yourself to switch it on and off but with protective gear on. Don’t run the ozone generator for more than 6 hours as it could be detrimental to your home.

  • Wait 2-3 hours for ozone to settle and the home is safe for entering

Don’t just enter once the ozone generator is off. Wait for about 3 hours for the home to be free from ozone dangers before you enter.

Regardless of its dangers, the ozone generator is the best equipment that can purify the air in your home. It will remove all the odours, kill bacteria and mould causing odours effectively. However, best practices have to be observed when using the ozone generator in your home to ensure the safety of yourself, your loved ones and other important living things in your home!

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