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If you have always desired to look like Jesse James or James Bond, your look won’t be complete without a typical full-length all-leather duster. However, due to the many models of leather dusters in the market, it’s been difficult for you to complete your traditional cowboy look. Don’t worry anymore you have come to the right place. Here we will guide you through the choosing and buying process of the best leather duster especially for you. Here is a list of 10 best leather dusters worthy your penny!


Smart Range Men’s Captain Full Length Leather Duster

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If you prefer high-quality full-length leather duster, Smart Range offers you’re the best choice. This duster is completely lined and designed with an unforgettable look of 7 adjustable strap-buckle closures for a comfortable and perfect fit.

It comes with a bucked collar to assure you the most comfortable fitting and protection from weather elements. It is made from genuine lambskin to be soft and pliable during the time of wearing it. With four exterior and two interior pockets, you don’t have to worry about where to carry your small stuff like wallet, keys, and phones.

It is padded on the shoulders and the arms for excellent protection while the slit up at the bottom allows easy movement. If you are looking for a quality leather duster with excellent design, don’t look further than Smart Range.


  • Pliable and soft for comfort
  • Plenty of pockets
  • Durable with high-quality lambskin leather


  • Available in one color

Blingsoul Brown Trench Coat

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If you are looking for a real leather coat that is stylish and handsome all the time, then don’t look further than Blingsoul Brown Trench Coat. It is designed for casual gatherings, hangouts, sporting, working among other events regardless of the season.

It features a premium quality leather material that brings out a soft and smooth feeling while keeping you warm especially in the winter season. The leather material is breathable and lightweight thus easy to craft into a classic design for a fashion-conscious man who wants to make his style statement.

It is slit at the back to allow you more room for comfortable mobility. The adjustable cuffs allow you to have a perfect fit. It is available in tailored brown, warm brown and a brushed black to offer you the right to choose your preference.


  • Comes at an affordable price
  • It is 100 percent cow leather
  • Perfect for all-weather
  • Comes with adjustable


  • May run small
  • Not of high-quality compared to other brands

Men’s Black Van Helsing Duster

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This duster is made from the finest black NAPPA leather for a superbly soft feel. This full-length jacket is also designed to be lightweight in the style of Vampire hunter legend. If well taken off, this leather will last you a lifetime.

It comes with nine silver buckles for closings adorn the front from the collar to the knee length. The four outer pockets and one in the interior provide you with enough space to keep your basic stuff.

It features double stitching that makes sure this leather duster is durable. The shoulders are designed to be warm with a quilted and padded, double sewn, removable and attached cape. This leather jacket is available in three lengths of 51, 57 and 57 inches.


  • Available in three lengths
  • It has buckles on cuffs
  • It is double stitched for durability
  • Great fit


  • Slightly expensive

Allstate Leather

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This Allstate Leather duster is designed for those looking for a high-quality buffalo leather duster. It comes with a full-length biker jacket that is attached with a zippered liner and removable cape to offer you extra protection. Moreover, the split up at the back of this duster allows you to move flexibly.

It features accustomed outer plackets with perfectly matching snap closures to the front. With two interior pockets and leg straps on the inner leg, you will get excellent stability. This heavy-duty Allstate Leather duster is cut out to be warm and protective against harsh elements of weather while on a bike. This duster is designed with comfort and quality buffalo leather to ensure long-lasting and use.


  • Heavy-duty buffalo leather
  • Features a removable cape
  • Comes with a slit up back


  • It is quite heavy
  • A bit expensive

Black Korel Men’s Real Black Leather Coat Duster

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This is a dark duster coat made from soft cow leather that is designed with a steampunk gothic style. It is available in three different lengths that allow you to pick you best most appropriate length. It is designed with a removable shoulder caps that are held in position with impressive matching silver snaps. Besides, other seven silver stud press are featured in the front for closing the front while two snaps studs on the closure on the bottom slit in the back.

It comes with two large pockets at the front that closes with snaps while one internal pocket allows keeping your stuff without a hassle. The slit up at the back provides you with enough flexibility for hunting or riding on your bike. 

This leather duster is double stitched to offer extra durability while the removable cape provides warmth and extra mystic. If you want a leather duster for wearing all year round especially when riding your bike, Black Korel Real Black Leather Duster is your perfect choice.


  • Durable with double stitches
  • High-quality milled cow leather
  • Impressive removable cape
  • Adjustable stud cuffs


  • Not-fashionable

CD DC Mens Genuine Leather Biker Duster

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Made from top-grade genuine pigskin leather, this leather biker duster from CD DC offers men a sturdier and more durable trench coat compared to those made from cow leather. As such, it tends to provide more protection against pavement slips in the event of a bike accident.

It features a removable cape design which is a bit different from most models in the market. The cap is kept in place with leg straps. It also comes with an impressive zip out soft lining that goes through the whole coat and the sleeves.

It is fitted with two deep pockets that adorn each side while the third one is on the inside to give you conveniently in keeping your small personal items. With adjustable cuffs, you will find a perfect and comfortable fit.


  • Excellent double front closure
  • Long-lasting with pigskin material
  • Zip out lining


  • Very expensive

Decrum Leather Trench Coat Mens

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If you are looking for a timeless leather coat that is made up of genuine leather, we highly recommend Decrum leather Trench Coat for men. It is made up of high-quality lambskin that is soft and durable.

This coat is finely stitched by experts to ensure that it is seamless and not clumsy. It is also lightweight and shorter as it extends to just above the knee. This length will give you a unique style, experience along with its classy quality and comfort. It extends well and tends to reshape after wearing to provide good movement.

This black leather coat for men come with multiple pockets that are great for storing many personal items like phone and wallet. It is best used for motorcycling, driving, racing and other outdoor activities.


  • 100% high-quality leather
  • Multiple pockets for storing many items
  • Available in black and brown
  • It is durable


  • May run small

Jamin’ Leather Heavy Leather Duster

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The Jamin’ Leather Heavy Leather Duster is made up of buffalo leather to be great for all-weather. This heavy duty duster comes with a removable cape, zipped outlining, leg straps and movable cuffs for superior quality and comfort. It features a water-resistant finish that provides the synthetic look in pictures. Besides, the water-resistant finish offers a protective shield against wet elements.

It comes with a sporty split back and two pockets in the front that provides enough space for you to keep your items. It is 50-inches long and weighs about 10pounds of 100 percent buffalo leather. It is designed in a classic masculine look and is available in XS to 7XL so that you can choose your best fit.


  • Comes with removable cape and snap closures
  • It has leg straps
  • It is water-resistant
  • Back split and adjustable cuffs


  • The finish makes the coat look slick

Milwaukee Men’s Leather Duster

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This leather duster from Milwaukee is designed to be all-weather and all-purpose duster. This buffalo leather duster comes with a removable cape and full-length. It features a classy design with an insulated back to keep you warm and dry while riding a bike.

It features a double front closure that you can easily snap close for a superior style and protection. With extra-large gusset and slit up in the back, you will have enough mobility especially when on a motorbike or across a saddle. Moreover, it is fitted with leg straps to help you keep the duster in place when motorcycling.

The two deep pockets with snap pockets in the front of this duster allow you to keep and retrieve your items with convenience.


  • It is all-weather
  • Extra-wide back gusset
  • High-quality buffalo leather
  • Has double front closure


  • Limited in color choice

BGSD Men’s New Zealand Lambskin Leather Duster

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This BGSD duster is designed for those looking for a knee-length leather duster. It is fully lined with a regular cut to provide you with a roomy and comfortable walking experience. It also comes with three buttons for closing across the waist and chest areas for a perfect and comfortable fit especially during cold weather.

This lambskin leather duster comes in black color with a more traditional classic look. It features extra-deep interior and exterior pockets that add style to this duster yet are truly usable.

If you prefer a traditional style and look for a leather duster, the BGSD is your right pick. It is available in different sizes so that you can choose the most comfortable and fitting duster for running your errands.


  • Classic cut with roomy chest and stomach
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Durable with 100% high-quality lambskin


  • Runs large in all sizes

What to Look for When Purchasing a Leather Duster – Buyer Guide

How do I pick the best leather duster? This is the most common question that most people ponder with when going to the market to buy a leather duster. If you frequently ask yourself this question when trying to buy a leather duster, today we provide you with the correct answer. Read on!

  • Leather Choices

There are different kinds of leather used to make duster coats and each of them comes with a unique grade of quality. Most leather dusters are made from buffalo skin, cow skin, pigskin, sheepskin, and lambskin. Premium grade leather dusters are made from all other skins except cow’s skin. The will offer you better comfort and durability.

  • Front Closing

Most dusters come with either a single layer that meets in the center or a double-breasted front with a snap or button closing. These styles also come with distinguishable collar in-casing and cape attachment and removal.

  • Type of Fit

Dusters are designed to have a wide range of sizes though some are limited. The least fitting size is ES while the largest fitting size is 5EXL. However, most of the dusters come with a roomier cut, especially in the front areas. Some are tailored to have elegant lines across the back, seams of the back slit as well as a broad-shouldered cape. Most dusters are kept in place with straps.

  • General Look

You can narrow down your choice by choosing the style and overall look of the leather duster you want to have. You can do this by when and what you will be doing when wearing it. Also consider the extra features such as leg straps, number of pockets, removable lining among others in the duster you want to buy.

  • Budget

When it comes to budget, you will certainly get what you pay for. However, don’t pick a leather duster that is too cheap as it will not last long while going for a high-end duster may cost you as most of them come with same features and durability as the mid-expensive leather dusters.


When you are in the marketing shopping for a leather duster, it is important to pick the best leather duster that perfectly fits you. We hope that this review offers you valuable insights into buying the right leather duster.

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