Table Saw Vs Chop Saw

Any time you have woodwork projects at home, you will definitely need saws whether it is a table or chop saw. What bothers most people is differentiating between the table saw and chop saw.  These saws are similar in many ways but not equal when it comes to performing tasks. This explains the need to know their differences before purchasing either of them. It is for this reason that we have discussed them together with their similarities and differences below.

Table Saw

A table saw is a versatile tool that is also known as a saw bench. You can use it for various woodwork activities. It comes with a circular blade that uses electricity. The best thing is that you can make changes to the depth of the cut-through moving blade high or low. You can also take charge of the angle of the cut-through adjustment of the blade. This will enable you to work faster.

The types of table saws include benchtop, contractor, cabinet, and hybrid table saws.  The benchtop table saws are light in weight and are perfect when it comes to offering precision. It is also cheap as compared to the other table saws. The contractor table saws are heavy and large and will normally come with its own base. Most people prefer this table saw since it is easy to operate and uses normal power.

Lastly, the cabinet table saws are heavy but more accurate. However, the electrical circuit they use is totally different from the one we use at home. This explains the reason why most expert woodworkers go for this table saw. Cabinet table saw is also efficient and completes different tasks within a short period of time.

Chop Saw

Chop saws are the most accurate saws for crosscuts. Most woodworkers use the saw when framing and when they need to cut molds. The saw is also small thus portable so one can move with it from one place to another when performing different tasks.

Its blade ranges from 8 – 12 inches which make cuts through pulling the saw blade down until you get to the piece of wood that needs cutting. This happens in a very controlled manner thus accuracy results. For more accurate cuts, you can also change the angle you are cutting from.

Table Saw or Chop Saw?

Purchasing the right saw for your jobs is absolutely vital especially if you would want to produce quality work. This explains the need for every woodworker to understand the type of saw they would want to work with. You need to know when to use the table saw and when to use the chop saw. Below is a brief comparison between the table and chop saw.

Feature  Table Saw Chop Saw
Accuracy Perfect accuracy Precise
Safety Prone to different accidents Moderately safe
Versatility Used for all kinds of cuts  Used specifically for angular cuts and for trimming
The Type of Cuts Rips, crosscuts, angular cuts  Crosscuts, compound, chop and bevel cuts
What are they suitable for? Ripping of plywood, the building of cabinets and other types of furniture Frame, trim, mold and base work
Who uses them? Most woodworkers use this saw Used as a precision tool by the carpenters
Working Principle The blade is fixed The blade is movable


When Should I go for a Table Saw?

Anyone planning to do general wood cutting should go for a table saw. It is the best for accurate rip cuts and will easily cut bulky amounts of wood. This helps you save wood cutting time. Table saw is also the best for cutting short pieces of wood and any crosscuts.

When Should I go for a Chop Saw?

For precise bevel and chop cuts, you need to go for a chop saw. It is the best when it comes to the fixing of frames and furniture as well as for edging purposes. Chop saw is the best for complex yet accurate cuts. Anyone who purposes to do big projects will definitely need a chop saw.

Which is the Best Saw for a Beginner?

If you are a beginner who is looking forward to purchasing the first saw, then you are in the right place. We have carried in-depth research about table vs chop saw and our advice for anyone who has never purchased any saw is, table saw. It is easy to use and versatile saw as compared to a chop saw. It is the best saw for anyone who may be kicking off their carpentry journey. A table saw will not only give them an easy time working with it, but also efficiency and fast results.

Similarities and Differences between Table and Chop Saw

One of the obvious similarities between the table and chop saw is that they are excellent cutting tools. Also, you can control the depth of the cut as well as the angle you use when cutting wood. Both saws are also easy to use and portable. As for the differences, the table saw cuts different types of various cuts while the chop saw for accurate cuts or when you need crosscuts. Also, a table saw is suitable for big projects since it is bigger. The chop saw is smaller thus suitable for DIY and other simple projects.


Now that we have discussed both table saw and chop saw, we are sure that you have a clue on the type of saw to go for whether you are a beginner or an expert woodworker. At one point, you may need to purchase both saws but we can all agree that a table saw is more versatile as compared to a chop saw. This means that the first saw you need to invest in is a table saw. You will only need to go for a chop saw when you want to precision and bevel cuts. Even as you purchase either saw, you need to ensure that the saws are of high quality for them to serve you for a long period of time without replacing them.

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