The Best Charbroiler

The Best Charbroiler

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Are you planning to build a restaurant with a menu emphasizing on smoky, grilled flavors and seared proteins? If yes, then a reliable charbroiler is one of the kitchen tools that top your list. Just like its outdoor kin, charbroiler is a kind of commercial grill that creates a signature taste especially when fat drips off of meat right into a hot surface where it is vaporized then wafts back up to zest the product.

Charbroiler is equipment that is responsible for preparing some of the popular menu items, including seared vegetables, grilled chicken, and steak. Since there are many charbroilers flooded in the market place for you to pick from, this guide aims to help you pick the best one for your job. We also review the top 10 best charbroilers that you can consider choosing when you decide to buy a charbroiler.

The Best Charbroiler


Cooking Performance Group CBL15 15” Natural Gas Countertop Lava Briquette Charbroiler

If you are looking to tempt your customers with an intoxicating aroma of grilled chicken, steak, burgers and other types of cooking while you make come even for more, this Cooking Performance Group CBL15 15″ Charbroiler is the best bet. It comes with lava briquettes and cast iron grates making your meat have tantalizing grill marks and delicious aroma.

This charbroiler features a powerful 40,000 BTU stainless steel U-shaped burner to heat your lava briquettes that in turn evenly distribute the heat towards your cooking food while catching the drippings to create a smoky outdoor bbq scent and flavor.

The cast-iron grates in this charbroiler will give your steaks and burgers extremely attractive grill marks. This cast iron grate is not only durable but also reversible and angled to help you channel oil and grease towards the drip tray hence easy to clean.

The entire body of this charbroiler is constructed for durable stainless steel and finish that makes sure you get the most out of the many years you will use this charbroiler. Besides, it comes with a countertop size that is excellent for any kind of operation thus if you maximize the space, you will significantly increase your output.

This charbroiler also comes with simple controls that make it super simple to operate. Moreover, the controls are located in an easy to access place. The removable waste tray makes the whole cleaning process hassle-free since it collects the excess oil after it drips from the grill.  For easy maneuvering and cleaning, its feet are adjustable.


  • Durable stainless steel body construction
  • Long-lasting cast iron top grates
  • Manually controlled cooking zones
  • Easy to clean with removable waste tray


  • Comes with one burner
  • A bit expensive


APW Wyott GCB-18i Charbroiler

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If you are looking for a compact size yet powerful charbroiler, then you don’t have to look further than APW Wyott GCB-18i charbroiler unit. This unit comes with a powerful 60,000 BTU burner that is great for taking out restaurants, snack bars or even concession stands with limited countertop spaces.

This charbroiler measures 17 1/2’’ x 17 1/8’’ cooking surface which is big enough to allow you increase your cooking volume. You can comfortably cook hamburgers, fish, chicken, steaks, and kabobs. It comes with a special high-temperature stainless steel radiant as well as a thick cast iron grate which evenly distributes heat and can stand up for many years. The heavy-duty legs, metal knobs, and the stainless steel control panel are some of the features that add nothing but functionality and durability to this charbroiler unit.

It features a pilot light that is easily lit and adjusted through the openings in the front of this unit thus you don’t have to remove the front panel. Moreover, cleaning of charbroilers is hassle-free courtesy of its easy access bottom-mounted grease collection pan, self-cleaning radiants as well as the removable top grates.


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Durable with stainless steel construction and cast iron grate
  • Wider cooking surface
  • Great gas burner


  • The knobs break off easily


Vollrath 407312 Cayenne 36” Medium-Duty Charbroiler

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The Vollrath 407312 Cayenne 36” Medium-Duty Charbroile can allow you to cook great and delicious hot dogs, burgers, fish and other grilled entrees without a hassle. This is because it features one burner in every six inches and can burn up to 120,000 BTUs of heat. With plenty of cooking space and power, you can easily cook you most of the popular grilled entrees.

It has with grill plates that are designed with channels that siphon away the fat from the grilling surface. Moreover, the angled adapter bars provide you with a greater chance to slow cook for greater flexibility. This charbroiler unit is fitted with all-metal knobs that are easy to operate and a gas valve protection. The cool-touch bullnose is designed to help prevent accidental burns during use.

The entire unit is constructed from stainless and aluminized steel that is fully welded to help do away with grease and dirt traps. Owing to its adjustable legs, you can place your charbroiler in a perfect height for your cooking.


  • Broader cooking surface
  • Stainless and aluminized steel construction for durability
  • Comfortably operates as radiant or with lava rocks
  • All metal knobs for long-lasting
  • Easy cleaning
  • Six burners for cooking in large volumes


  • Requires a larger installation space


Vulcan VTEC36 Liquid Propane 36” Infrared Charbroiler

This charbroiler from Vulcan will allow you to create steaks, burgers and some of the high demanding foods while keeping up with your busiest shifts. The Vulcan VTE36 Liquid Propane 36″ Infrared Charbroiler comes with a patent IRX infrared burner technology that comes with a heavy-duty steel infrared emitter panels to improve your cooking volume at reduced energy use. This unit can use up to 50% less gas compared to traditional charbroilers that use more.

It features a burner that uses almost half the amount of gas that traditional charbroilers can use. This will significantly save you energy. With its high range of heat control valves for its 22,000 BTU burners, you can modify the temperature for each cooking zone with ease. Moreover, the direct ignition piezo spark igniters are super easy to operate as they don’t need standing pilots.

The cleaning process of this charbroiler is simple as the grease is vaporized or turned to ash on contact with the infrared emitter panels. Once it does, you can easily brush debris from below the cooking grates into your waste tray for disposal.

The whole body of this charbroiler is constructed from stainless steel panels to ensure it is durable. The removable stainless steel heat shield and splash guard that protects the surrounding walls and equipment from the intense heat and grease spatters.


  • Durable with all stainless steel body construction
  • Adjustable legs
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Energy efficient


  • Quite expensive


APW Wyott GCRB-24i Workline CharRock Lava Rock 24” Charbroiler

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If you are looking for charbroilers with burners that allow for fast start-up and heat recovery for cooking your chicken, fish and delicious burgers any time, APW Wyott GCRB-24i Workline Charrock Lava Rock 24” Charbroiler can be your best option. It has two 40,000 BTU U-shaped burners that burn evenly courtesy of the cast-iron grates that this unit features.

It has a snap action gas valve that turns 180 degrees to give you ultimate control over your grilling. Moreover, reliable safety pilot provides long-lasting services and can be lit minus removing the front panel thus convenient. This unit comes with a supply of lava rock for you to start grilling right away.

This charbroiler is entirely constructed from a thick stainless steel material that is aluminized on the sides and at the back to offer easy cleaning experiences. The thick steel also ensures the charbroiler is strong enough to sustain heavy use. The back and side splashes help to protect your walls and countertops from grease spatter. The self-cleaning CHarRocs, removable grates and the grease collecting pan makes the entire cleaning process of this charbroiler a breeze.

With the heavy-duty legs, stainless steel control panel, and metal knob you can be sure to get excellent functionality and durability from this charbroiler.


  • Stainless steel construction for durability
  • Heavy-duty 4’’ legs
  • All manual controls
  • Lava rocks deliver smoky flavor
  • Adjustable cast-iron grates for excellent grilling


  • Smaller cooking surface


CookRite ATCB-48 Stainless Lava Rock Charbroiler

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This charbroiler from ATOSA US comes with 4 independently controlled 35,000 BTU burners that will ensure you grill excellent burgers, chicken, steak among other entrees. Besides, its lava rocks and the cast iron grates will have your meats perfectly grill into a delicious flavor.

The independently-controlled burners feature simple knobs thanks to the continuous pilot light as well as the easy-to-use dial that is located at the front part of the unit. The cast-iron grates are designed to be long-lasting. They are angled to help you channel the oil and grease towards the drip tray for easy cleaning. This reversible cast iron grate will give your steaks, chicken, and burgers ultimate grill marks that will entice your customers to come for more.

The powerful gas burners are made from stainless steel and are U-shaped to heat your lava rocks thereby evenly distributing the heat upwards to your cooking food while catching the drippings to generate an amazingly smoky aroma and flavor. The whole unit features a stainless steel construction which makes it durable and with great functionality.


  • Lava rocks for even distribution of heat
  • Cast iron grates for excellent grilling and durability
  • Simple independent controls


  • A bit heavy


Avantco AG36RC 36” Gas Countertop Radiant Charbroiler

If you are looking for a charbroiler for your busy operations in a tiny space, the Avantco AG36RC 36” Gas Countertop Radiant Charbroiler can easily add compact convenience to your restaurant. This is a high-quality charbroiler that features easy-to-use independent controls that you can use to easily manipulate the 3 burners. Besides, it can use either natural gas or liquid propane thus you can be sure to start operations right from the box.

It comes with a spacious countertop that allows for ample cooking area. It also allows for placement on top of existing work tables as well as chef bases to ensure that your space is not wasted at any given time. With its 3 efficient 35,000 BTU burners, you can ideally whip up burgers, vegetables, steaks and other delicious dishes with great versatility. The quality performance of this charbroiler relies on the radiants that reflect heat evenly towards the cooking surface for quality and consistent cooking.

It comes with a waste tray that makes the whole process of cleaning a breeze as the tray collects the food particles that fall.


  • Feature radiants for even reflection of heat for consistent cooking
  • Can use either gas or liquid propane thus convenient
  • Comes with burners for an increased volume of cooking
  • Durable with steel body construction
  • Easy to clean


  • Legs not adjustable


Cooking Performance Group 36CBRRBNL 36” Gas Radiant Charbroiler

This is a great charbroiler that is convenient for any great kitchen or restaurant and is ideal for those who want to streamline their cooking processes. It comes with a storage space where you can keep a variety of ingredients and conveniently pull them as you prepare you delicious dishes.

It comes with 3 powerful 40,000 BTU burners and cast iron grates to deliver even grilling. The grates are angled on the sides to direct oil and grease to drip tray thus preventing clogging. The reversible cast iron top grates will ultimately give your meats enticing grill marks.

This charbroiler is reliable and easy to clean courtesy of the stainless steel construction, waste tray and the removable cast-iron grates, steel burners, and radiant covers without tools. Besides, the all stainless steel construction is durable.

It also comes with a 1/5 hp refrigeration system that allows you conveniently and safely store your food without the worry of going bad.


  • Continuous pilot for instant ignition
  • Reliable reversible cast iron top grates
  • Durable with all stainless steel construction


  • Requires a bigger space for installation
  • Quite expensive


Garland GTB36-AB36 Liquid Propane 36” Ceramic Briquette Charbroiler

If you are looking for charbroiler for your busy snack bars or concession stands this Garland GTB36-AB36 Liquid Propane charbroiler can be a perfect choice for you. It comes with three powerful 30,000 BTU cast iron burners that deliver the much-needed heat to grill your delicacies. It also features a high-flow valve for each burner for great controlling ability.

It comes with a two-position adjustable grate that ensures heat is evenly distributed for consistent grilling. This is a high-performing charbroiler that also provides space and flexibility that you need to best prepare you hamburgers, fish, steak, chicken and many more delicious dishes.

It comes with all stainless steel body construction and 4-inch adjustable stainless steel legs that overall make this charbroiler not only long-lasting but also easy to clean. The removable large-capacity stainless steel catch tray offers protection to your countertops against grease while eliminating the unsightly crumbs.


  • Durable with all stainless steel body construction
  • Adjustable grate for consistent grilling
  • Easy to clean


  • For heavy-duty usage only
  • Expensive


Wells HDCB-3630G Natural Gas Heavy Duty 36” Charbroiler

The Wells HDCB-3630G Natural Gass Heavy-Duty 36’’ Charbroiler is designed to create delicious burgers and other delicious dishes without a hassle. It features cast iron burners for quick heating up of the broad cooking area.

It also features an adjustable grill surface area which can also be slopped or flattened for greater cooking flexibility. Besides, the cast iron radiants help to prevent the flare-up thus you will have a great grilling experience.

Each burner comes with an independent air shutter for optimum combustion besides having on/off control valves for infinite heat adjustment. The entire unit is made stable with 4 stainless steel legs. The whole body is stainless steel constructed making it not only easy to clean but also durable.


  • Durable with stainless steel body construction
  • Easy to clean
  • Adjustable grates for even grilling
  • Stable on 4 steel legs


  • Not eligible for expedited shipping
  • For heavy-duty grilling only

Things to Consider Getting the Best Charbroiler: Buying Guide

  • Radiants vs. Lava Rocks

For a charbroiler to deliver even cooking, the heat from the equipment’s burners ought to be distributed evenly. And the best way to get the heat evenly distributed is by using radiants. These are V-shaped pieces of metal that are placed right above the burners to absorb and radiate heat from the burners up towards the cooking surface.

Standard and economic charbroilers come with stainless steel radiants that after some time of use, they warp and become brittle and finally break. However, heavy-duty radiants feature special alloy steels that are specially made to be resistant to warping, rusting and even breaking. As such, they will provide you with longer services compared to standard radiants. The most rugged charbroiler radiants are constructed with cast iron a material that is harder to clean yet indestructible. Charbroilers constructed with radiants are usually easy to clean and maintain.

Alternatively, charbroilers can feature lava rocks instead of radiants. The chunks of porous rock will attain the same results as radiants by diffusing heat evenly across the charbroiler’s cooking surface. However, lava rocks can impart richer aromas and flavors compared to radiant models. This is because the stones absorb grease and vaporize it steadily to the flavor food. Nonetheless, the drawback is that lava charbroilers are a bit expensive and labor-intensive as the lava rocks require replacement every after few weeks, though this depends on how the charbroiler is used.

  • Dimensions

charbroilers come in several widths in 12-inch increments. However, the most common sizes include 24, 36, 48, 60, and 72 inches. You will want to buy a charbroiler that will fit the available space. But it is important to pay attention to the equipment clearance requirement as well. Most charbroilers require to be installed at least six inches from combustible materials on either side and this may include walls and cooking equipment. So before you buy your charbroiler, keep in mind these requirements.

  • Burners

Burners are essential in charbroilers as they are responsible for creating the gas flames. The heat generated by a burner is measured in BTUs and the higher the BTU rating of a burner, the more the amount of heat it produces at a given period. A powerful burner means you will cook faster and in higher volumes. You can see how important it is to compare the BTUs of burners before you buy so that you can know whether you can keep up with its demand.

Most economic or standard-duty charbroilers come with 30,000 BTU burners while the heavy-duty ones come with a more powerful burner of 40,000 BTU burners. Many charbroilers come with burners spaced at 12 inches apart while some come with burners spaced at 6 inches so that users can have great control over the heat.

The kind of metal a burner is made from matter as it determines its durability. Standard charbroilers come with steel burners which are less expensive while the heavy-duty ones feature cast iron burners. The steel burners will wear and tear off quickly while the ones made from cast iron are resistant to breaking and cracking thus will last longer.

  • Grates

Grates are what make the cooking surface in a charbroiler. Most standard grill grates are made from cast iron material thus durable and deliver even heating. Standard grates are relatively reversible with one side designed to grill products like burgers, steak which is dense while the other is made to handle delicate products like fish. Here are some specialty grates that are available for purchase, though separately.

  • Waffle Grates: These are the best type of grates as they will leave unique grill marks on your chicken, and leaner cuts of meat as the waffle texture don’t drain grease to control flare-up.
  • Floating Rod: These types of grates feature individual rods that spin freely within the grate’s frame. These grates are easy to clean than other types and they tend to last longer because the material can expand and contract freely.
  • Steel Grate: These are lighter and easily cleaned than the cast-iron types. As such, they make the entire equipment not only easier to use but also easy to maintain, although it comes at a cost.

Electric Charbroilers

Even though they are not as popular as the gas charbroiler types, electric charbroilers can also be found in the market. They are known to offer mobility while providing you with the ability to wheel it from one place to another and use it whenever there is a suitable outlet. This kind of mobility doesn’t come with a gas charbroiler. If you think an electric charbroiler is what you need in your kitchen, be sure to get the one with the right voltage option.


To this point, we believe you are now aware of want goes into the best charbroiler. Before you hit the road to the market to get yourself a charbroiler, it is important to keep in mind the features that we have highlighted and discussed in the buying guide above.

If you find that settling for the best charbroiler on your own is a challenge, consider buying one of the 10 best charbroilers we have reviewed above. Whichever you choose we believe that it will serve you best.

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