What Causes Black Sediments in Well Water

What Causes Black Sediments in Well Water

Black sediments in well water is a common happening in private well water used by families for domestic purposes. The black sediments often tend to clog the pipe system and have a great impact on water appliances like washing machines, pressure tanks and water heaters. But, what causes black sediments in well water?

Main Causes of Black Sediments in Well Water

  • Mineral Traces

Black sediments in well water can be as a result of manganese and iron in the water. When manganese is in high concentration, it can appear as black/ dark blue like sediments in the water.

Often, these black sediments turn water into an unaesthetic dark colour, with stale smell and causes stain on plumbing fixtures, dishes and laundry.

  • Granular Activated Carbon

The granular activated carbon particles are also some of the popular black sediments you can find in well water. These are tough and irregularly shaped just like coffee beans. Most water filtration companies utilize the granular activated carbon as filtration agents.

However, due to the short service life of these granular activated carbon particles, they are often chocked by various contaminants and loosen from the cartridge and finally get its way to your home appliances and water glass.

  • The disintegration of Rubber in Well Water

If you are experiencing oily and smudgy junks of particles in your tap water, then it is rubber hose pipe occasioned by the disintegration of rubber as a result of the effects of chlorine and chloramine in your well water.

  • Black Sand in Your Well

Are you using a private well as your main source of water and find that the water you draw has some small blackish pieces of sand or silt? These small particles can cause damage to your home appliances like dishwasher, washing machine and also spoil your well-pump.

Effects of Black Sediments

Certainly, the black sediments in your well water will impact on the quality of water in different ways.  Apart from the awful smell and the dark brown look of your water the black sediments will wear down your home water appliances, spot your kitchen wear, clog the plumbing system and wear your well-pump thereby affecting the rate of following of water in your pipes.

So, what can you do if your well water has black sediments?

Remedies of Black Sediments in Well Water

If there are black sediments in your well water along with bad taste and unpleasant odour, it is advisable to test your well for iron, hardness, bacteria, manganese and silica. Testing your well water will show you the extent of contamination in your drinking water. You can visit your nearest state department of health for certified laboratory inspection.

If you find dark brownish rocks or small sand particles whenever you draw water from your faucet, it can be that your well-pump has gone below the set standard. And this issue can be solved by raising the pump shaft as well as the base of the well.

If the source of the black sediments in your well water is the worn-out wall casing, then it is recommended that you contact your well driller for confirmation and fixing of the problem.

Black sediments in your well water can be a bother if the water coming out whenever you open your faucet is dirty and contaminated. Black sediments in your well water are an indication that your water has elements of manganese, disease-causing organisms, iron and calcium. However, it is advisable to test the water and ascertain what the cause of these black sediments is. Granted, you can also inspect if your well-pump is correctly installed inside the well to avoid sucking of silt and sand from the walls of your well.


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